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fungi 008

By jitspics
fungi 008
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Fishhunter2014's avatar
What is the purpose of the hair-like structures? Spore collection?
CashWolf14's avatar
Looks like a sea urchin with a huge mouth
Lovell-SimonsJanet's avatar

What a curious little fellow you have caught there!  Looks quite adorable. Kinda of reminds

me of the little dust bunnies in the movie Totoro. One almost expects it to start rolling about.
Lovely capture! 

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spellbinding and could just be exactly what humanity needs in order to help many of our most pressing problems in the world today. 
It is a film by Louie Swartzberg, under the title of   Do take a peek when you have a moment, if you will. )

upcycledpetals's avatar
Wow that is wicked!!
Popokam's avatar
Aude-la-randonneuse's avatar
:wave: Your picture is featured here [link]
TochterWofflebens's avatar
beautiful photo - interesting fungus
Alwisw's avatar
omg it almost looks like a little monster with an open mouth ready to eat next thing that flies by. Amazing shot!
cxard's avatar
fungi amongi :D
Helens-Serendipity's avatar
justfrog's avatar
Hi! I included this shot in my current mushroom journal.
SauriaMami's avatar
heya...try Shaggy Scarlet Cup? scientific name is Microstoma floccosa
wow! i checked them out and there are so many varieties to fungi - nature is beautiful isn't it? :)
SauriaMami's avatar
it's INCREDIBLE! fungi to me are only a tiny itty bitty part of it in all it's wonderous variety. :D
SauriaMami's avatar
oh how neat! looks very similiar to the Eyelash Cup fungi...but red instead of brilliantly beautiful!
hey there, thanks - we do have orange cups here and they are easily found scattered around the forests.
alyssa-is-on-crack's avatar
Oh, That looks so neat O8
I've never seen anything like it.
PussNboots64's avatar
This is an awesome shot!
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