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Hi guys!! Sorry for my silence, it's been incredibly hectic - good hectic though! *w* Silly me....I thought I'd have time to upload updates before the con, but for those who did see me at the con, I'm sure you noticed I was running on no sleep and tons of caffeine :P Apologies for writing up a review so late, I had con friends in town up until Saturday night...and well, Sunday I just crashed with Sergio. It had been a while since we had spent some 'us' time, after housing guests in our apartment, spending the weeks up to the con crunching on our Kickstarter and volunteering for con prep. 

Much love to my friends who I hung out with after the con, like :icongiantgripper: :iconchibiana26: :iconkreeyz: :iconbonka-chan: and Zuka! I had such an incredibly fun week ^^

★ Website Updates!

Before I get into my Size Con review, I wanted to share just a few updates! First off, I'm finally giving my website a much needed facelift! Thanks to Sergio for building it...because I have no idea how to build websites :P I've since combined my website into an online portfolio of sorts, so all my images are now combined into one mega gallery. To make finding specific pictures easier, we have implemented a tagging system, that way you can see what you want to see and avoid what you don't want to see! The new version is still not live because we're still transferring everything over, but for those who've been wanting to see those new, uncensored versions of some recent pics I uploaded, please check me out my tumblr for now:…

★ Commission Update

They're finally moving along! I'm dedicated to getting these done by the end of the year. Please refrain from sending me commission questions until next year ^^; Got about 16 customers to go.

★ My Future + New Comic!

So with our failed Kickstarter, Sergio and I have been revisiting our back up strategies in case this very situation happened. Currently we have about a month and a half worth of savings in the bank that belongs to the company, and about a few weeks worth of our own cash. Obviously we can't use company money for porn, so I'll be using the few weeks of savings we have to finish up Size Horrors! A collection of short comic stories (7-8 pages each) dealing with horrid size situations. Some of these include humiliation, vore, unaware, shrinking, and much, much more ^^ 

We hope that with the company money we have, we can work on a small, quick little game we can release for iPhone and Android phones to possibly fund further development of Sol Bound - hopefully we can develop it enough to have a playable demo and run a successful Kickstarter campaign in the future. My one concern is that we are again wading into a market we are not confident in. I've worked in app development professionally for many years, and I know for a fact that it is hard to get noticed. Many firms pay for blogs and let's players to give positive reviews about their game. It's certainly another tough market to compete in...but alas, the family and friends who invested in us should have a say of where their money goes.

What I'm hoping to do with Size Horrors, in case the app idea fails, is to fund an even bigger project! An ERO GAME :D I'd feel a lot more comfortable about selling this sort of game, because I know my market...and well, it's more personally appealing to me than a mobile game :P Once I see how Size Horror sells, I'll let y'all know if and when this game is happening! 

If all fails...we've still been seriously looking into Japan. I feel a lot less anxious about the move now, but obviously if we could avoid up and moving and restarting our lives, we'd prefer that :P I have actually found quite a few game studios who take in foreigners with conversational Japanese, so I may apply. Though realistically, I'd expect to continue drawing porn in Japan...full time. I think I'd just dedicate myself to what I like doing. 

Before I get a million more comments and messages with suggestions to move outside of NYC or to Canada, or some other nearby country, I appreciate it, but I have no interest. I lived in South Florida most of my life, so when I first moved to Tokyo when I was 19, I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle there. I didn't need a car. I needn't be afraid walking alone at night. I didn't have to look for a 'good neighborhood' to live in - they were all good. Plus did I mention the incredibly affordable healthcare and loyal employers who actually care about you? People have figured out society over there, plain and simple. When I had to move back to the USA, NYC was the closest I found to life in Japan. I LOVE the city. I love being able to walk anywhere!

I want to follow my dreams and work on my art. I've lived a successful life in the USA at one short point in my adulthood, and as much as I love Japan, I'd rather live a financially successful life here than a comfortable one in Japan. Not because I love it here that much more, but I also don't want to be away from my family, friends, etc. If I can't be successful here, I'm not going to continue letting my health deteriorate, I know other countries would appreciate my hard work! 

And for those of you worried that I'm way in over my head by shouting like a weeb that I'm moving to Japan, I've done the move on my own before! Sergio is also fluent and grew up there, and has even been thinking of applying for citizenship since he's eligible if we do move. It's pretty easy anyhow to get legal residency if you're willing to teach English, and those jobs are ridiculous easy to get lol. You don't need any teaching experience - but luckily I have some, and am also ESL certified ;)

Either way, if I move to Japan, I don't expect my engagement with you all to change. I'll just have to plan my US family visit to coincide with Size Con :P

★ Size Con Review!

  (Thanks for the photo Kreeyz!) ^^;
Finally, the big review! I got to admit, I was both terrified and excited about attending this year's con. Last year's con, I was in a bad place and the wound was still really fresh. This year, I came with a lot more positivity and optimism, but the damage was done. Sergio and I both came with a good 35lbs gained each. If you all know about our journey, it's been pretty hard keeping it off. Our bodies still thinks it's much heavier, so if we so much as nibble on something lardy we gain like 10 lbs lol. My Kickstarter also made it impossible to build the booth I wanted to have prepared for Size Con....but I digress! Even if I went in super unconfident, I left with such a warm, fulfilling feeling being amongst my size peeps, just like last year ^^ 

Be prepared - I'm going to be sharing a lot of pics! Please note, some people are blurred or obscured, some may be on accident, but some may also be on purpose to protect their identity. Anyone's face who is clearly shown was asked before hand if we could post their photo publicly. For those con-goers and curious alike hoping to get some more photos, we'll be dumping a bunch on our website soon! So, the con started early Saturday morning around 9AM, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see people hanging out in the lobby before that, waiting for the doors to open. Everyone was really excited! ^^ I was pumped too, our set up came out pretty nice :3 

LanyardsBrochures by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.27.06 AM zpsxhiejnfb by JitenshaSW

Now that it was filled up with size talent from around the world, the ballroom was more impressive than I could have ever imagined! All sorts of goods were being sold at the con too! :D Seriously, look at these proud peeps selling their sexy goods. I love it!

KreeyzBooth1 by JitenshaSWChibianaBooth2 by JitenshaSWGiantessfanBooth by JitenshaSWLemondrop by JitenshaSWBenBoston1 by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.27.37 PM by JitenshaSW
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.23.38 PM by JitenshaSWBonka by JitenshaSW
Aborigen by JitenshaSWLarryPhilby2 zpswjoor8hy by JitenshaSWHamptonsHallShot by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.00.15 PM by JitenshaSW

The panels I went to went smoothly, and we had a lot of great feedback from many who attended! Our panels improved from last year, thanks mostly to :icongomaironin: and his professional moderating skills. We unfortunately don't have any audio recordings of these really helpful panels, but we do want to put the info from them up on a new website :iconkreeyz: and I hope to launch soon - stay tuned for updates on that! I was also REALLY pumped to finally have Sergio on the Relationships panel with me this year, and I think his voice helped other vanilla folk in the audience feel more included in this year's events. A lot of couples left this panel saying that it helped spark the right conversations, and provided helpful counseling. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.45.32 PM by JitenshaSWBenpanelshot By Jitenshasw-dbjam33 by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.45.45 PM by JitenshaSW

At the con we also had plenty of size related props! Here is just a small taste of some of our size related decor~!

Skyscraper by JitenshaSW
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.30.41 PM by JitenshaSWMeganjonesmiaannabella By Jitenshasw-dbjalwu by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.11.40 PM by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.25.37 PM by JitenshaSW
I got to meet up with a ton of friends from last year's con, as well as online buds I met this year too! Much love to those I haven't yet mentioned like :iconsizecon: :icongomaironin::iconmilkybody::iconohnoboobs::iconmrishimaru::iconsaftkeur::iconanokakon: :iconshrinky428: and his lovely tiny Susan, :iconvirmegator: :iconbask25456: :iconthe-minimizer: :iconscidram: :iconqzar9999: :iconnoaverge-c::icongoddessmynnie: :iconm31: :iconthereducer: :iconpraedatorius: :iconbrainwashedmz: :iconaborigen-gts: :iconcaptainrandgts: :iconmisskaneda: :iconshrink-fan-comics: and the whole ___fan crew (J Yubari, Mac, etc), :iconcandithewildpig: and her really cool open-minded mom, :iconmaxgrowth: and his wonderful entourage, :iconbustartist: and his always wonderful to be around wife JulieKat,  :icongianttoby: :iconauraknight90: :iconsoylentorange: :iconglidingmark: and his gorgeous giant wife, everyone at The Eulenspiegel Society, MythicalCupcake , Ben Boston, Vanderband, TinySuperVicki, Tiny-Taker, GiantDan, Brian, AlterniaGuy, JasonNinja, Gary Pranzo, Mack, Chwani and his husband, literally everyone who helped us setup this year and last, to a sexy giantess named Robyn who laid me upon her chest, a tall dark and handsome with a Black Panther shirt on who also did the same, the 57 year old gentleman who bought a ticket at the door and couldn't be more excited to be there, and whoever that beautiful fairy lady is, you fucking ROCK! I'm most certainly missing people because I've been up all night, and I have the memory of a goldfish, but please be sure I love you too >w< It was so nice seeing so many familiar faces again! GAH! I love our community <3

There were plenty of interesting and exciting stuff that went on at the con, but I'll mention a few highlights! First, a couple on :iconmaxgrowth:'s team got engaged!!! I wont mention them by name, because I haven't asked, but SHE SAID YES!!!!! It was at our closing ceremony on Sunday, so there were easily 100+ people who got to see this beautiful gesture of acceptance and love ; w ; *grabs tissue* I got to be photoshopped and video edited as a tiny - one of them with my girl TinySuperVicki! There was also a service dog in attendance, who's Papa was very cool about other attendees giving her some love. Isn't she the best of all girls? YES SHE IS!! 

 ServiceDogAndFriends CNial by JitenshaSWServiceDog1 by JitenshaSW

Our Game Room and VR Demo's were also a hit! In our demo's you could be sat on, eaten, etc by sexy giantesses or hunky giants ;) One of the VR vids had two giantesses in it, and omfg >w>; I wish I had a personal copy <w<;;;;; The games we had at the con were a Giant/Giantess mod of Saint's Row 4, Gun Gun Pixies and the FFXV demo where you're tiny in a giant room. We also had a REALLY successful run of our Size Dungeon Crawl. For the remainder of the con, everyone was calling our Dungeon Master :icongiantgripper: "Dungeon" LOL. We also had a lot of last minute games added, thanks to :iconyoshils:! He's got the most impressive game ever. 

SaintsRow4 by JitenshaSWVRdemo2 by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.51.02 PM by JitenshaSW

I got to cosplay BOTH days, even if my costumes were slapped together last minute XD Saturday I dressed up as my OC...well with some leggings and a bolero, if not I'd be freezing ^^; Sunday I dressed up as Hange from Attack on was quite the interesting costume to use the restroom with ._.; I was also 30 minutes late to the con on Sunday because the straps were such a pain in the ass XD Others had cosplayed too, which was awesome! 

Jitensha1 zpsdkutwcis by JitenshaSWJitenshaJoel by JitenshaSWAlterniaGuyBlackButler by JitenshaSW

Though I think my favorite were the Juggalos girls! So friggen' cute (/w\)

 MaxgrowthJuggalosTara1 by JitenshaSWTaraTiedRaquelRoper by JitenshaSW

For those of you wondering who are mystery Japanese artist was, it was Ashurame Gajo (あしゅらめがじょう)! Not only did we get beautiful scrolls, pins and keychains from them to sell, they very graciously gave away these fans for all of our Size Con guests for FREE!! The fans and pins also featured art from other artists, including Torajimaneko! Thanks to Sergio for running the booth for me, as well as cutting up all those badges for me too :P For those interested, I will be posting pics of the wall scrolls and keychains soon, in case anyone is interested in purchasing one before I ship them back to Japan.
JitenshaBooth2 by JitenshaSWScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.35.45 AM by JitenshaSWJitensha4 by JitenshaSW

At the end of the first night, we had our Darkside panel (one of my favs!) , a movie screening and a small dance party. For those who stayed the night, most everyone got drunk, high, pretty much just trashed out of their minds LOL. I almost partied with everyone, went back to my room, came back, and then backed out again...fuck was I tired. Sergio and I didn't even get to christen our hotel sheets :'( I got about 4 hours of sleep before the con, and 1.5 hours the day before, 5 before that...I was running on fumes x_x I was still running around like a crazy lady both days...the love of size fueled me!! (* M *) Sunday was just as awesome, but with a few less people. Over all though, the event felt so much more solid than it did last year! Maybe it was because 2016 we were all 'coming out', but this year tons of people attended Size Con with pride and openness - it was beautiful!! ^w^ I was also so very happy with the diversity we had this year! Definitely more women and gay people compared to last year - Yay for inclusivity :D Plus we had quite the turnout for expansion and inflation fans >:3 

Cleanup at the end of the day was a breeze - thank you to everyone who helped us out! We left all of our garbage in a designated area by the hotel staff, and since we had some left over beer, we left this cute little trap for them :P We hope it got a chuckle out of them.

So now that Size Con is over, I'm sure you're all wondering if we're going to do a 2018 run. The short answer is - YES! I'm not sure if he wants to be outed yet as Bryan's predecessor, but we have someone who's volunteered for the gig. We're juggling lots of options, but there may be a west coast, or at least Midwest (Texas/Arizona) con that we're trying to get off the ground eventually in addition to the NYC one. We'll be starting with meetups first, so stay tuned for that! I'll be sharing info on local contacts soon :) That website I mentioned earlier will also be housing this information, as well as other info to help the conversation going even after the con. We're also looking at adding other kink groups to address other overlapping interests at Size Con, like muscle growth and weight gain. These groups have been in attendance before, but we want to dedicate panel time for them as well. Please stay tuned for future updates, and I hope to see you guys at Size Con 2018! ^^; Good work this year everyone :D
And if you haven't had the chance to read my QR freebie comic for Size Con, check it out! :3 I love you guys!!! <3
- Jit
Size Con Freebie by JitenshaSW

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Allogagan's avatar
I am hoping to attend the 2018 SizeCon. I wanted to attend both 2016 and 2017 but couldn't due to running out of time to get money plus having no way to get there. The getting there may have been somewhat solved as I live on the East Coast (near Baltimore) and now my roommate / Brother-in-Law has a car.
JitenshaSW's avatar
Hope to see you in 2018 then!!! :D
CaptainRandGTS's avatar
Untitled by CaptainRandGTS
The beer was worth it
CaptainRandGTS's avatar
*The trap was built well

It was an incredible weekend!! Solid recap Jitensha, I can't explain the hype as well as you did, I loved seeing all of you out there, doing photography for a lot of you, and I will see you all very shortly!!
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
Whoa, you lived in Tokyo when you were only my age? Damn you've been everywhere. :0 (San Francisco is also another U.S. city with a big Japanese vibe too).

But wow, it was AMAZING meeting you too! ;w; I was thinking when you met my mother, I was nervous you'd think I was a wimp or something. x3 The after-party looks like it was a lot of fun too. Furries and raves, what more fun could you ask for? Btw, who was the DJ?

Also I love all these photographs you managed to get up. ;w; Super cute dog, btw. I love doggies.

Blaaah, I talk so much. -@;; Anyways, it's been a fun one! Good luck with setting up more cons outside the NYC metro area, and I can't wait to see you all in 2018! It was an absolute treat to be there!
JitenshaSW's avatar
Yes I did live in Tokyo, I taught English there and studied there for some time ^^;
I thought your mom was super cool, and I think Alterniaguy was the DJ I believe. He was dressed up like Black Butler at the con :D
Looking forward to seeing you at next year's con (and meetups too when you can make it!).
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
Oh wow, that's neat. :0 Where else have you travelled in the world?

Yeah she's really nice. :P

Me too!
JitenshaSW's avatar
I've travelled to several countries in Europe/South America visiting family, but Japan is the only Asian country I've been to. 
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
The only time I was in Asia was while I was in Turkey, and I took a ferry from the European side of Istanbul to Asia in 2015.

And the other places I've been in and stopped in during flights are USA, Canada (where I currently am), Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Italy, and Ireland.
Yoshils's avatar
It was awesome meeting you at the con! Hope to see ya next year ^^
JitenshaSW's avatar
You too!! I hope you can make it out to one of our meetups sometime ;D
If you plan on attending SC18', let me know! We could use someone with your background to help plan our game room :P
I know I said it before, but awesome collection!
Yoshils's avatar
This is so strange but I finally was able to get back on my DA lol

I'm gonna be attending SC18' so let me know what you wanna do ^_^ 
JitenshaSW's avatar
Oh awesome, we'd love to have you back! :D If you want to help volunteer please e-mail us at
Yoshils's avatar
Sent the email! <3 
GiantToby's avatar
As Kevin Bacon once said, "Please, sir, may I have another?"
Kreeyz's avatar
It was really amazing again to meet and talk with everyone and even if I'm from a 'far away land' I really felt at 'home' with so much people sharing the same interest. I currently don't know if I'll be able to travel a third time for the next event but be sure that I'll do my best to try !! :D
JitenshaSW's avatar
I hope you can make it too kreeyz! No pressure, but we would miss you a lot if you couldn't make it lol ; w ; 
dragontess's avatar
i hope you guys have sizecon 2018 next year at the same place :)
JitenshaSW's avatar
Thanks, we will keep you posted! Hope to see you again at SC18'!
dragontess's avatar
we are deffiently Going to SC18
JitenshaSW's avatar
Sweet! See ya there ;)
dragontess's avatar
i be willing to volunteer At sizecon2018 i'll be ready
docop's avatar
Congrats on the success of the convention! It looks like it was a lot of fun, it's been really neat to read all the stories/experiences and see all these photographs from the event. =D
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