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Giant/Tiny Symbol ~ Unifying the Community

**NOTE** This is FREE for you to use in whatever way you see fit. You don't need to ask me for permission :) This belongs to EVERYONE in the size community.

The idea behind it is the large heart represents the giant person, and the cutout represents the tiny person. Feel free to download the PSD, they're in shape format, so they're easy to scale, change color, etc.
Make stickers, pins, badges, etc. We deserve a community identity too :)

If you're too impatient or don't want to put in the effort, I will *hopefully* soon be selling these in sticker and badge format. My hope is that people will put these on their cars, wear them as badges at cons, or just stick them on whatever they like! The ones I will be selling will come in all sorts of colors, rainbows, and themes, including a furry one, vore, giant kid, and many many more. I'm currently looking at vendors, so if you have any suggestions, let me know or I'll end up putting it on RedBubble soon.    
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does this symbol only represent giant tiny or also microphilia and macrophilia? or are those gona get their own simbols? I think its a good idea to not let these two get mixed up other wise people outside of the cumunite and maybe even some people inside may think that GT is a sexual thing just like some people think all furries are sexual

JitenshaSW's avatar

It represents both, it's for the whole community, it doesn't matter if they are Giants, tinies or shifters. Just like the rainbow flag represents all LGBT people, not just one group, but all lesbians, gay, bi, and trans people (as well as generally queer people). Also, for a large portion of this community, there is a sexual aspect to it, so I wouldn't brush that aside! Sexual interest can cohabitate and coincide with fluffy fantasies as well. And just like the LGBT community makes space for Dom Daddy's and cuddly ace folks, we can all live in harmony too :)

As for close-minded people, screw them! Honestly, folks outside the community will always find away to make fun of G/t, because our interest is different and niche. You either like it or you don't. So don't worry about what people outside the community think, or you'll never get to fully enjoy it for yourself imo.

Lady-Blue-Rose's avatar
...isn’t this the same symbol idea that is used for some pedophiles...? So they can identify each other...
JitenshaSW's avatar

no I did the research and it was a hoax - also the symbols weren't exactly the same. Either way this is our symbol, and it only has to do with size-fantasy related stuff, not real life or minors.

Lady-Blue-Rose's avatar
Thats good to know!
Mandrews976's avatar
I hope you don't mind if I use this as an avatar image; it's really the perfect shape and fit <3
JitenshaSW's avatar
Of course! Feel free to use it :D I'm glad you like it ^^
Are you still going to be selling these? I really want this on like a shirt or hoodie or something
JitenshaSW's avatar
I do plan on doing so, I just haven't found the free time yet ><;;;;
Tetravexitus's avatar
I am a metal fabricator from the foundry "Madd Castings" in berthod Colorado, near Loveland C.O one of the country's art capitals. I stand behind this idea 110%. 

I have concept art from locals on pendants/emblems they wish to have created within the past two months, this is not a stand alone idea and is supported.

I think it has resounding potential.
Ser-GTS's avatar
Awesome idea. I put it on my blog, hope people spread this :) And maybe I'll use it on a future collage :happybounce: 
JitenshaSW's avatar
Yay, thanks! Feel free to use it however you see fit!
SpokleArt's avatar
This is brilliant, love all the little and big things you do (heh) to bring the community together.
JitenshaSW's avatar
Thanks a ton ; w ; I'm trying my best!
BlueKitsuno's avatar
Oh, I really like this. Alot :)
JitenshaSW's avatar
Thank you! Feel free to use it :D
UnseenHarbinger's avatar
What an interesting idea :) *scans for signs of evil* I'll give it a try whenever I see the next opportunity :)
JitenshaSW's avatar
Thank you >w<! Feel free to use it!!
UnseenHarbinger's avatar
it's really a good symbol :) But I have a question: do you show all three hearts at the same time or just one?
JitenshaSW's avatar
Thanks, and only one! I was just showing them off in different shades. 
UnseenHarbinger's avatar
Dangit! :D I already put all three on a poster in a Render :D I hope that's not bad.
JitenshaSW's avatar
nah, that's fine! Use them however you like ^^
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