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Maybe it sounds strange for you,but look guys,these two have many things in common. xD

1.Both have something on their head. (Ace: a hat,Nelliel: a skull)
2. Both have something on their face. (Ace: freckles,Nelliel: the crimson line that runs across her face)
3. Both have brothers. (Ace: Luffy,Sabo. Nelliel: Pesche,Dondochakka)
4. Both are very strong.
5. Both had a tattoo on their back.
6. Both are very sexy! *_*
7. Both become angry when someone wants to hurt their precious persons.
8. Both are kind and cute.
9. Both are very adorable & funny when they were children. *_*
10. Both fighted with the person they dislike. (Ace: BlackBeard,Nelliel: Nnoitra[many times])
11. Both are commanders.(Nelliel is considered a commander to her fraccion)
12.Both lost something/someone important to them because of someone. (Nelliel: her memories,rank & her adult body because of Nnoitra,Ace: his brother Sabo because of the nobles)
13. If you see,their names contains 3 words. (Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck and Portgas D. Ace) xD

Nelliel belongs to Tite Kubo the creator of Bleach.
Ace belongs to Oda Eiichiro the creator of One Piece.
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