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Hello all! Welcome to Jishin's deviantart page. :) Enjoy.

To Do List
  • Sesshoumaru Fanart 70%
  • Pageview Doll For Serali 10%
  • Doll Site 8%
  • Valentines Day Gift
  • Pic for Koda

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Looking for my bases? They can be found here…
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=D I'm really excited right now! X3 Not only do I seem to be on a roll when it comes to pixel art I was able to find a site to get Deleter CG Illust again! :D That means I can do CGs!! HUZZAAAHHHHH

Right now I'm in the process of working on an art trade for Megan (AKA Fluffy fox), working on some dolls for contests, and a few bases (W00T). As for the CG department I was going through my photobucket account recently and found an old Tokyo Mew Mew fanart. I had originally finished it but since Deleter doesn't allow me to save I ended up losing it. Thankfully though I took a screen shot inbetween so I still have half of it. :3 I'm really excited about working on it since I know it's going to be a challange to finish for me since I haven't done this in awhile.... xD…

=D I went car shopping yesterday. <3 REALLY excited about that. The price limit I was given was 10,000 or less. :3 I've found some really cool cars so far. The main ones I'm looking at right now are a Volkswagon bug (in either silver, RED, or pastel green) or a a scion (?) XD I can't remember the type of car lol... :3 It was pretty cool. The outside color was yellow and had a spoiler in the back and a moonroof! x3 Then the interior dashboard was the same color yellow around the rims. I love it to death so I think I might end up getting that one in. <33 If I do I'll be sure to take some pics for you guys. ;D