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Terms of Service for Commissions

Contact via note or Discord (Jirvey#7996)

Prices & Examples ; Commission Prices {Open}

DeviantArt - You're Here! |  FurAffinity (Somewhat Inactive) |

By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and agreed to these terms.

Basic ToS:
  • Payment expected within 24hrs
  • Paypal only for USD payments
  • USD commissions will take priority over :points: commissions.
  • Do not send money until I say so (whether :points: or USD)
  • Commissioner can re-upload the image with credits given to myself in the form of a link to my DeviantArt (MUST be a link)
  • Artwork cannot be used commercially, or claimed as your own
  • Refunds given based on how much work is done. Read below for clarification.
In Depth ToS:


  1. I, the artist, retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork. The client may not claim it as their own or use it for anything other than personal use.
  2. All commissioned artwork is for noncommercial purpose only. Redistribution of my artwork for use in printed merchandise or as promotion of goods, services or social media pages is prohibited. If you have any questions about this, ask me before commissioning me.
  3. Conditions for Reposting
    • The client has my permission to repost the artwork wherever they would like, as long as proper credit is given (a link back to my DeviantArt page) and my watermark/signature remains intact and unaltered.
  4. Prohibited Actions
    • Altering my artwork in any way without asking for permission before hand, with the exception of cropping/resizing the image for an icon or other use.
    • Use my artwork as references for your own, whether tracing or re-purposing parts of the image.
    • Claiming the artwork as your own.
  5. If these terms are broken, you will be privately blacklisted from commissioning me and reported.


  1. I accept payment in USD and DeviantArt Points. All USD payments will be taken via Paypal only and all DeviantArt Point payments will be taken via the commission widget. Do NOT send ANY points via Gift or Donate unless I specifically specify you to do so. I do sometimes take payment this way if I actually need the points, but more often I need actual money, and I can only turn points into cash if I use the commission widget. Paying via Gift/Donate may result in your commission being cancelled, depending on how busy I am. I cannot send the points back and have you pay via the widget either, as sending points back and forth like that has the potential to flag my account as fraudulent.
  2. You will be given 24 hours to pay after a sketch is shown or a quote is given. Non-payment within 24 hours will result in the commission being cancelled. Progress up to this point, if any, will be re-purposed as a YCH.
  3. It is the commissioner's responsibility to tell me when the payment has been sent. Sometimes a payment will not fall through and I won't know about it. If you fail to tell me that you've sent the payment within 24 hours - and I know I absolutely haven't received the payment - then the 24 hour payment term applies to you.
  4. Refund Policy
    • If the commission is cancelled (by me or the client) before work has started, then the client will receive a full refund.
    • If the client cancels the commission during progress, the amount refunded will be on a case-by-case basis and up to the artist’s discretion. I do have a rough basis for refunds:
      • Sketch: 90%
      • Line: 50%
      • Line and Flat Color: 0% (Unless shading was included in the commission, then 15%)
    • No refunds will be given for completed or nearly completed commissions.
    • The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at anytime, for any reason, and without explanation.
    • If I cancel the commission due to my inability to complete it at any state, a full refund will be given.


  1. Discussion of commissions can be conducted via DeviantArt Note, Skype (Ask in a +Note), or Discord Chat, Jirvey#7996
  2. Visual Reference Guidelines
    • Client must provide at least one clear and concise visual reference; please supplement the visual reference with any important information I may need to know to correctly draw the character.
    • If you link to a gallery of your character’s artwork, I cannot promise your design will be done with 100% accuracy. Design interpretations may be inconsistent between images and lessen my ability to accurately draw your character. Shading on potential pieces will also play a part in this.


  1. Below is a general guideline for what I will or will not draw. Please keep my art style in mind when ordering; my forte is feral canines, and feral animals in general. Things outside my comfort zone might not be as high of quality as something I am used to doing.
  2. Allowed Content
    • Ferals
    • Gore
    • Most (Feral) Original Species
    • Semi-NSFW
    • Monsters (Depends on what they look like.)
    • NSFW (Will be posted on Furaffinity)
    • Pokemon
    • ⚠ Complicated Designs
    • ⚠ Anthros
  3. Disallowed Content
    • Characters intended to be or appearing underage in any sexual or suggestive context.
    • Mecha (Ask)
    • Extreme Fetishes (Ask)
    • Humans
    • Any sort of hateful content, such as racism, transphobia, homophobia, and characters with Nazi/Soviet/etc. imagery or paraphernalia.
  4. You must be over the age of 18 to commission adult content. I am a United States citizen and abide by United States laws. Breaking this rule is extremely serious and will result in blacklisting/blocking on all social media, email, and any other means of contact. By ordering anything 18+/NSFW you are agreeing that you are at or above the age of 18.


  1. I work best when given some artistic freedom to create an image based on the characters you provide. I am happy to match a scene or pose that you have in mind, but please allow and expect some variation.
  2. Estimated date to completion. If there are any delays in completion of a commission, I will personally notify the customer.
    • Completion of most commissions are generally estimated to take no more than roughly 1 to 2 weeks. If for any reason I cannot complete a commission within 90 days of ordering, I will issue a full refund.
  3. Works in Progress (WIPS). Certain commission types may or may not include a sketch approval stage. I will send any wips to the commissioner in a +Note on Deviantart. Progress will be paused until the sketch is confirmed.
  4. Revisions and edits. If the commission type includes a sketch approval stage, any major changes or revisions must be made at this stage; this includes any significant changes to a character’s pose or body shape, or redrawing parts of the image.
    • After the sketch has been approved, no major edits or changes will be made. If the commissioner requests additional edits after the approved sketch, a price for the edits may be discussed.
    • If I, the artist, make any errors in the character design, accessories, or any other visual elements specified in the provided visual references, I will make these edits at no additional cost.
  5. If you do not want me to post your commission online, you must tell me when you order.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Version 1.1
Created: 11/14/2017
Last Updated: 10/15/2018

This TOS may be subject to change at any time without notice. Changes will not be applied retroactively.

Credit to PRINXE PERIER for the amazing TOS template and terms.
© 2017 - 2021 Jirvey
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I think that your commission tos is very nicely writen!

May i use it as my tos template?;^^

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This is written perfectly!! May I use this as a template and do some changes according to my service? Thank you in advance!

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Yeah, go for it c:

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May I ask the same?

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Hi! Your TOS is written very well. Could I please use it as a template (copy and past it then make some changes) for my own TOS for free? Thank you in advance!

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Sure thing, hope it helps

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Tysm! I''ll be sure to credit you!

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Woulx you be ok with me using your T.O.S. with some changes? your T.O.S. is really well written.

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Sure thing, go for it

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Would it be okay if I used this(with some changes)? Its the most clear and structured one ive found

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Of course c:

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may i use this TOS as my template/guide?? thank you in advance!!

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Is it alright if I use some of this T.O.S?

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Of course <3

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Hi! Is it ok if I also copy most of your T.O.S for my use?

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No problem at all

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