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BTGS: Triple R - The Missing Postmaster: Part 4
To say Tegami was a bit taken aback by Captain Vikkit's response would be an understatement. She was shocked to here him laugh at first when he read the letter. However she knew that deep inside he probably was going through a whole range of emotions. She was; and it wasn't even her brother that was missing. But the whole situation was stressful and she was worried for the missing Postmaster.
She looked down to the mail bag as it was mentioned. Keep it? Could she really do that? She wasn't officially a Postie yet, just a Sorter and surely the Posties needed all the bags they could get. Especially with the back log of mail that would be coming to the Trading Post. She had intended to return it. But if she could keep it, then maybe she was making a stride toward a promotion.
She had wanted to say she didn't need any rewards, she was just doing what was asked of her, but she didn't get the chance to speak up. Before she knew it, Captain Vikkit had taken off and given her instructions to r
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BTGS: Triple R - The Missing Postmaster: Part 3
Not at all surprised by the reaction to the letter, Tegami still jumped a little when the Chief shouted out in frustration. Who could blame him given the situation. She couldn't help fidgeting with nervousness wanting desperately to offer some sort of positive comfort but having no words to say. The whole thing seemed bleak.
As the Chief instructed her to go back to Vikkit with the news, she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. What horrible news she had to deliver. And more so she felt a bit like she failed at her task. What if she had just missed Anari as he left? Had she been there she could have held him up. What if she just flown a little bit faster?
Tegami shook her head, she could dwell on 'what ifs', that wasn't going to help at all. She had a job to do and an important one at that. She could only hope that they would be able to save the Postmaster from what seemed like a pretty much sealed fate.
She had to take the letter with her, it would be easier to explain to
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BTGS: Triple R - The Missing Postmaster: Part 2
“Postmaster Anari?” It felt like she'd said that name over and over but never got any reply. Tegami was starting to think she wasn't going to find neither head nor feather of the missing Rito. “Where are you?” she said with a sigh and her arms hanging at her sides. “This is hopeless.”
Just then something caught her attention. There was a glint of light shining off something sitting on a desk in one of the rooms and Tegami was quick to hurry over and find the letter. The Golden Feather was pretty but unlike many female Rito, she didn't really admire them or wish to collect them. She figured it was a gift for whoever the letter it came with was addressed to. That was just the thing though it wasn't addressed to anyone. How strange.
Picking up the envelope, she examined it closely. Nope, no address. She was about to set it back on the desk when she noticed something written on the back of the letter. Anari? This was perfect! Maybe she had finally found
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BTGS: Triple R - The Missing Postmaster: Part 1
Even though she had just arrived at the Trading Post, Tegami found herself airborne once again and on her way back to the Aerie. It was a lot of flying for such a sort stay on the ground but she had a job to do. If Captain Vikkit needed help then who was she to turn him down. That was the whole reason she'd been at the Trading Post in the first place, to help in the efforts to clean it up after the battle.
As she closed in on the Aerie, she went over her instructions mentally. Anari seemed to be missing in action and she had been asked to look for him. Perhaps he had just gotten held up in the Post Office. Still she thought about what Vikkit had said, he mentioned having a bad feeling about it and she hoped it wasn't the case.
Tegami landed with bit of a thud having come in just a little to quickly and catching a cross wind. Not at all deterred by it, she dusted herself off and headed to the first place she thought she'd look, the Post Office.  It made the most sense to go there f
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BTGS: Draw the Person Above You: Tercel by jiru-chan BTGS: Draw the Person Above You: Tercel :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 9 5 Pokimono: Yamato by jiru-chan Pokimono: Yamato :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 4 3 Pokimono: Bontaru by jiru-chan Pokimono: Bontaru :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 8 3 Crystal Gem OC: Jade by jiru-chan Crystal Gem OC: Jade :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 30 8 Crystal Gem OC WIP by jiru-chan Crystal Gem OC WIP :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 2 3 Spring Unsprung Lantine by jiru-chan Spring Unsprung Lantine :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 19 7 Poketurian Skies: Amelia Sterling by jiru-chan Poketurian Skies: Amelia Sterling :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 3 2 Ever After High OC: Lantine Blue by jiru-chan Ever After High OC: Lantine Blue :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 52 29 EAH OC wip by jiru-chan EAH OC wip :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 2 1 BtGS: Tegami Extra Refs by jiru-chan BtGS: Tegami Extra Refs :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 4 7 Forgotten in the Fog - Special Delievery by jiru-chan Forgotten in the Fog - Special Delievery :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 10 4 Teru Teru Bozu by jiru-chan Teru Teru Bozu :iconjiru-chan:jiru-chan 4 1
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Just curious if anyone has Gem ocs they'd like to RP with. I'd even be willing to attempt playing some of the canon characters to move the story along, or you could play some of them as well. Or we could just use ocs. Anyway, yeah, I've got some SU craving.


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