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November 17, 2011
"Real Life" Tiana by *JirkaVinse is a marvelous manipulation that weaves the animation style of where this princess came from seamlessly into reality.
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'Real Life' Tiana

"Real Life" Tiana from Disney's Princess and The Frog
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CrazyYetAdorable's avatar
She incredibly looks like her voice actor!
reberivera06's avatar
she kinda looks like brandy
NoPitaLupita21's avatar
I just had to stop and comment on this one, in particular. It just so happens that for me, this artwork of Tiana simultaneously looks like a real person while still looking as much like the 2D drawn version as possible. It mind boggles me.
(I just wanna poke her dimples too)
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RobertSalgado's avatar
She is so gorgeous!
candycorporation's avatar
She sort if made a cameo appearance in Frozen c: But it doesn't make sense because this takes place in the 1920's which is way after Frozen.
candycorporation's avatar
I think it's in the part of Elsa's coronation party. Just pay attention the background.
FlyingPrincess's avatar
No I think that was Rapunzel.
candycorporation's avatar
The Rapunzel Cameo one was really obvious. Everyone could catch it in the "For the first time in forever" song but I'm talking about a possible cameo in the coronation party.
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ShetchHobo21's avatar
omg mind blown!!!
EmilyFeathers204's avatar
maybe u can do Elsa and Anna? :3
AnimeNeko545's avatar
This is PERFECT!! +fav 
gib31's avatar
She's perfect! I do love all your princesses but this one particularly is stunning!
Lunabandid's avatar
Man!!!! she is real!!! °n°
Kodabearluver's avatar
My friends say that I am basically Tiana, but younger!
Didine7's avatar
Just love it ;)
I was looking for a Tiana so i could draw her and i've found this ;)
It's beautiful :)
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Disneygirl423's avatar
that.....this picture could almost convince me shes real! =O
this looks EXACTLY like her!! =P
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