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There are alligators in the lake

Inspired by :iconpinkieishappyplz:"There's an alligator in the tub":iconmlpgummyplz:
I was confusing what MLP art should do next, then ~Byrpheros said a pic with an adventure climate @w@ it was fun to draw~

Edit 2012/Feb/26
Well....since I often get request having this in a larger is a 1920x1080 I rly hope that's enough :iconotlplz:
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woash amazing work ^^ i love it!
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Lmao, Rarity at the end cracks me up 
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That... is... AWESOME! :wow:

I love this in every way. Fantastic work! :clap:

It's just so much fun, and their expressions are perfect, and Pinkie Pie is cracking me up! Good show! :love: :thumbsup:
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Pinkie just wanted everypony to meet Gummy's family. 
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I love how Pinkie Pie is still having fun XD 
faster Rainbow!!
great picture!!
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Prepare friends for ludicrous speed!
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... wait. SO IT'S GUMMY!?
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Applejack's hat
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Interesting. Epic. 

Rainbow Dash sure has a strong jaw (or teeth) if she all alone can carry her five friends in a vine in order to save them from the alligators... and EVEN FLY WITH THEIR WEIGHTS.

Pinkie Pie, the only one pony who enjoys this kind of situation. No, I disagree! 

I feel bad for both Fluttershy and Rarity. :( (Sad) But, don't worry, girls. Rainbow Dash is there.
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I love Pinkie is the only one that rainbow bothered to tie the vine around. XD
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Lol, she must know that PP probably would've just vanished if she didn't.
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Very nice work /)
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Rarity was that close to becoming alligator food. Rarity 'O' face 
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Good thing she didnt XD
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Yea, no kidding. XD
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This is our Ponyfinder group atm. Nice art!
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