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The Funeral

By Jinzali
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Basically a boredom sketch of the scene I missed in ME2. I'm uploading it because I really like Liara's face. The rest of it is meh, but I will never finish it, so here you go. :D It's also insanely big, so I'm issuing a warning about the download button.
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CaptainPrower's avatar
Jeebus, Kaidan looks like he's in his 50s...
CharlottaRose's avatar
That's really a very good picture.
Manda-of-the-6's avatar
The feels! TT_TT

Really wished that they had this scene in ME2 (or even in the comics for that matter). It's definitely a pivotal moment for the ME1 team.
Chaoticghost101's avatar
Man if only the legend continues but now this man like sometimes legends ends it's way here shit I'm crying
Tinmanfan17's avatar
:( (Sad) not quite over it, really beautiful, you capture the emotions quite well - my only complaint is a personal opinion of not liking Kaiden :| (Blank Stare) 
N7warrior007's avatar
and I would be there saluting the best dam hero in gaming
Ixumy's avatar
is that joker? his face is the best one, not liara's oneWaaaah! 
Tabbycat1996's avatar
How have I NOT come across this picture, it's perfect! ooohhh look at Wrex's face :''''( Lovely drawing.
This really good and about the only picture related to Shepard's death and her crew's reaction too it.
Stop the rock, Stop the rock,Stop the rock, Stop the rock Can't stop the rock [link] Ya he lives they need their cash cow for more even though that ending should have killed the franchise.
Gfischt's avatar
This picture get's quite a new meaning after Mass Effect 3...
Still stunning... Amazing expressions...
And really sad of course...
TW6464's avatar
Is that Anderson next to Garrus?
AvengersApprentice's avatar
think that's Joker...
TW6464's avatar
Woops, my bad... Well now I see it. Stupid me.
AvengersApprentice's avatar
Hey, I couldn't tell who it was at first either.... Thought it was James to start... then I remembered he was only in ME3 >_<
MelissaDTH's avatar
Woow... Actually pretty heavy image!
Amazing work!
BlackDistraction's avatar
right in the feels... I'm kind of glad I didn't have to see everyone mourning Shep...
Liara's face is really well done! I really like Wrex too.
leebk201's avatar
Its very actual... specialy for ME3 in some ways...
Faithlaloba's avatar
WOW, i mean WOW! i love it!!!
UnderGradNinja's avatar
I wish we could have that scene. I felt like it would've really drove the whole "dude, you were DEAD for two years" thing home.
DuetMaoim's avatar
Amazing! I think you captured the atmosphere perfectly.
almostinsane999's avatar
So sad. Thanks so much for uploading this.
Rika-san91's avatar
The only thing that's missing is Tali's emotion. Either she is one of those that goes into state of shock, which I doubt because she started crying when she heard of her father's death and all, but then again you could've given her more of a defeated pose in here. Other than that it's very awesome, nicely done.
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