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Hello! I know this is last minute post but I'm doing a table at a small con. Liverpool Anime and Gaming Con. Yaaaay!!!
Not sure how many of you will be there since it's small~! but if you are pls come and say hi! :heart:


Also If you came from the table and have decided to follow me, WELCOME~! I'm Jinyuu!
If I seemed a little down or didn't talk much to you~ I have an infection in my mouth which has really run me down and has made impossible to speak or swallow etc. I hope you understand :heart: I'm usually lively and don't shut up.
I couldn't cancel the con and so I've dragged my ass out of bed with dragging along my brother to help me with my stall while I'm sick.
I'm drugged up on painkillers and antibiotics. It's not infectious either~! 

Welcome and thank you~!

Holy Squirrel Cage, Batman! I'm home.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 3:32 PM

The convention was amazing, as it was my first time out the house really, after many months of battling depression and holy hell, I felt amazing, so many kind and wonderful artists I met, just so so lovely.
and, I went into the convention selling Markiplier and Jacksepticeye merch and we made $105 for charity! WELL DONE GUYS! It's going towards depression and bipolar support alliance (More information here:
Here's some pictures of my stall:

Jinyuu's photo.

And :icondrakyris: Came and gave me a huge surprise putting me on the verge of tears.

You made me scream and squeal so much, I've now got no voice ahha but it's worth it because I am the happinest Unicorn in the world right now and everyone has been so so amazing and lovely andidusghdiugh[ofduhg[dfhag[dfoaghdihg[fido
I ended up crying later on as everything hit me, just so much joy filled me.

So thank you guys again, You mean the world to me :heart:
and thank you for raising money buying my art and supporting me 



Inactive on DA.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 10, 2016, 5:48 PM

Hey guys! You probably noticed I am not very active on deviant art at all.

I post my stuff on my tumblr :

Or my facebook:

So if you wanna talk see my art And sketches I'd advise to follow me on either one.
I've been sketching more and only upload big finished art to my DA.
Hope you understand!

This doesn't mean I've left DA! Haha. Still here just might be days before you get a reply rather than the old days where it would be hours or seconds.

21 years of age + SWTOR.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 6, 2015, 9:13 AM

Hey folks! I'm getting older! It seems strange that when I joined I was 13yrs, and made this account when I was 15yrs.  I've hopefully become a better person, with better understanding of events that are going on around me.
And amazingly I'm still friends with folks whom I met on DA when I first joined.
like SophieDoodlz  and FancyPancakes  We're still here guys! haha.
I'm 21 on 19th November! so it's not that far away!

In other news, I'm on Star wars: The old republic, if anyone else is on? Jedi Knight, just started so I am a Low level. ha. But be nice to meet folks whom will come on and be apart of the crew!
I'm not exactly the most skilled so excuse me. 


Mature Content

Pino fanart by Wel-Hinnigen
Bzzt by Fiamma1221

This place is Dead.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:42 PM

I've notice over the several months that this site hasn't been getting its flow of folks, as it was back in the good ol' days of 2008-2011. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand Deviantart is trying to be professional, but with their new methods. Moving the DD to another page never having it at the bottom any more nor having the front page of the first 8hrs-24hrs and basically just wiping any way for aspiring artists to get noticed.
Here I am on my old rants again.
But as someone who's been on this site since 2008, I can see why most folks are moving to Tumblr because it is a lot easier to get notice on there even if you believe you're not a good as a drawer because of your contents. You tend to get notice.

I enjoyed the old days where deviantart was full of otaku's and everyone was just all over the place and there would be sonic tickle porn on the front page and there was icons galore of people using PLZ accounts of their pairings.
And I guess I really miss that nostalgia feeling. 

From someone being on the site for such a long time, I adored how bad it was. It's what got us noticed, and what got us meeting new folks. We were scattered everywhere from having someone really good and then someone who was just starting out.

I think it's hard for me to stay on this site because for someone who's trying to get their work notice, Tumblr is the best bet for it. and DA is losing it's folks to Tumblr. 

I'm trying to keep on this site, for the sake that I adore it, and I'm clinging onto it's nostalgia feeling of when I grew up.
But, if there's a place I am going to get notice, my best bet is there.

But let's admire this wonderful piece by WEL. Whom drew me Pino

Mature Content

Pino fanart by Wel-Hinnigen

Don't forget to ask the characters questions on
It is a semi-ask blog ;') 
I've finally booked my flight to go see ToxiClean in Florida. I'm so nervous I'm shaking with excitement. This will be the first ever time of doing something big, and for a guy who doesn't like big or changes. I am going to shit a fuck ton of bricks, but! I've always wanted to do something daring, so coming to florida might help with that? 
19 TODAY, WOO. Thank you for all your birthday wishes ;u; I just got a fair amount of money for my birthday (All my friends and family chipped in to give me money to visit my girlfriend in america)

and I got clothes, and one of my friends got me a Yaoi comic and an art set :heart: and my brother built a new computer for me (Y)

But I'm Ill, and I've been asleep for most of the day so that was the downfall that I have no energy. 

but yes! thank you very much for your birthday wishes :heart:
.Well, I get my college results on Thrusday, so I am pretty nervous. I hope I got the grades I wanted if not I think I may just throw myself on the ground and stay there for the rest of my life. //

.Commissions are still OPEN. So Just send a note if you want one, Donations are welcome as well! but here are the prices… I'm able to cut prices down a little bit.

.Sorry that Hoarfrost hasn't been updating these past few weeks, I was hit with an art block so I will try to put a page up this week. Sorry Folks.

.RPs, I am very much open to them so please don't hesitate to contact me

.Not sure if you have heard but I'm finally out of therapy which is really good news for me and my family, let's just hope I can stay out of it.

That's all I can think of so have a very lovely summer guys!
Well lets just hope everyone hasn't died in the process of me going on with all these updates. Right.

Inte Levande will be out every week. Unless I'm on a drawing spree then two might be submitted and i'd be probably spamming your inbox with my stuff. Also please correctly me on Grammar and Spelling if you see any in the comic. Photoshop doesn't have spell checker....

Getting rid of more pictures in my gallery, I've grown a small hatred towards my art which makes me get all angry and start crumpling up paper which fills my bin up in less then 2 minutes. Bad for the environment but at least it'll be recycled. So the old chibi comics are being cut down to the ones i like. Which is rarely any, Because everytime i look at those comics i see myself being a lazy person who couldn't be arse to draw probably and them getting more popular then the stuff i work on, Oh internet.

GCSE's results on the 25th. If you don't know what GCSE's are… read all about it here. Anyway they are important because they'll get me into college where i'll be doing A-levels. One thing i know is i've failed drama because that stupid bitch of a teacher, wasn't in. so she gave us grade she think we should get. She gave me a D last time....And said because my hair was in my face and I was mumbling. And with the paper exam she yelled at me for not spelling correctly . Boy did mother go sick seeming i can't spell  because i'm Dyslexic. The only reason why i'm spelling correctly is because i have spell checker on this computer, you can't really have spell check on paper.

I'm going on Holiday 29th Aug- 5th September.  So i won't be here to read your messages and to reply back for you. Apologizes!

I am doing everyone's art trades and commissions. Don't worry. But it's hard to get on with work when i'm in and out of the house, People wanting me to go out with them for trips etc. So social life is slightly getting in the way with me. So i'm really really really sorry if you've waited for so long! Keep reminding me!

the kiriban is 50'000 pv! So keep a look out! I am now giving away 100 :points: also to the person who catches it!!

Other then that, everything is okay and i hope you lovely people have a lovely day :heart: Keep on lookin' beautiful you guys! I love you all!