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Ouran Shitsuji



so, I was on Anti art block mode (instead of studying)
was over at ~tiikay's house and we all went productive mode :)

eh, its a very busy picture but i dont want to work on it anymore. My hands hurt from holding the pen too long ; ;

anyway hope you guys like the finished version. it was hard to fit all the cast in the picture.

Also, for the ones who are confused. its characters from ouran highschool host club cosplaying as characters from Kuroshitsuji~

Haruhi - Ciel
Tamaki - count creepy
Honey - lizzy
kyouya - sebastian
mori - lau
twins - random waiters or something ..couldn't really find a fitting character for them

this is a 3rd ouran crossover/cosplay picture

1st [link]
2nd [link]

anyway, prints of this will be available at Anime North 2009 :)

ok now me sleep
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I love <3 ~ My two favorite animes ^^