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somehow i feel like i'm never gonna stop making these as long as they keep making fighting games. started from scratch on this one. didn't really reuse much artwork from the older ones. there is also no character art of DOA characters and most of the MK characters either. but good enough I guess. Kinda rushed it at the end, some spots are overcrowded while other characters have too much space.
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So would this be an example of the major fighting game franchises of the entire genre? As in, the most prominent fighter series' the genre has to offer? I would ask why there are no Skullgirls characters on your picture, but if my first two sentences are what you were going for, then I could see why they weren't included.

Though I would imagine that Killer Instinct and Smash Bros would be prominent enough to include on this character poster considering how popular they seem to be. Hell, Skullgirls has about as much notoriety as the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat despite being an Indie Fighter.
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Yo, I made this year's ago. Skull girls didn't even exist at the time.
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Whoops. Sorry about that.
Marvelous! but where are the killer Instinct characters?
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I agree, I myself would like to see Killer Instinct (along with Smash Bros and Skullgirls) characters in future versions of these character... poster... things from the author. But only if he wants to do so himself. Jinxonhog did say that he might make more in the author's notes section.
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What a list. But why are there no characters from Super Smash Bros Brawl? Isn't that game considered fighting?
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There's a lot of debate about whether or not Smash Bros can or should be considered a fighting game in and of itself.
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I got the list for you...

1. A.B.A. (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
2. Adon (Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom)
3. Aeon (Castlevania: Judgement-Konami)
4. Ai (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum-SNK)
5. Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter-Sega)
6. Akuma (Street Fighter-Capcom)
7. Alan Gado (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
8. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil-Capcom)
9. Alex (Street Fighter-Capcom)
10. Alice Carroll (Rage of the Dragons-SNK)
11. Alisa Bosconivitch (Tekken-Namco)
12. Amy Sorel (Soul Calibur-Namco)
13. Anakaris (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
14. Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters-SNK)
15. Anji Mito (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
16. Anna Williams (Tekken-Namco)
17. Arakune (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
18. Archer (Fate/Unlimited Codes-Type-Moon/Capcom)
19. Ash Crimson (King of Fighters-SNK)
20. Astaroth (Soul Calibur-Namco)
21. Asuka Kazama (Tekken-Namco)
22. Asura (Samurai Shodown-SNK)
23. Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters-SNK)
24. Ayane (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
25. Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
26. Baiken Seishino (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
27. Bakuryu/Kenji Ogami (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
28. Batsu Ichimonji (Rival Schools-Capcom)
29. Bishamon (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
30. Blackheart (Marvel)
31. Blanka (Street Fighter-Capcom)
32. Bonne Jenet (Garuo: Mark of the Wolves/King of Fighters-SNK)
33. Boyacky (Time Bokan-Tatsunoko)
34. Cammy White (Street Fighter-Capcom)
35. Captain America (Marvel)
36. Cervantes de Leon (Soul Calibur-Namco)
37. Chai Xianghua (Soul Calibur-Namco)
38. Charlie Nash (Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom)
39. Christie (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
40. Chun-Li (Street Fighter-Capcom)
41. Cyclops (X-Men-Marvel)
42. Cyrax (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
43. Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter-Capcom)
44. Dante (Devil May Cry-Capcom)
45. Darun Mister (Street Fighter EX-Capcom)
46. Deadpool (Marvel)
47. Demetri Maximoff (Darkstakers-Capcom)
48. Donovan Baine (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
49. Doronjo (Time Bokan-Tatsunoko)
50. Eileen (Virtua Fighter-Sega)
51. El Blaze (Virtua Fighter-Sega)
52. Elisabeth Blanctorche (King of Fighters-SNK)
53. Faust (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
54. Felicia (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
55. Gill (Street Fighter-Capcom)
56. Goro (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
57. Gouken (Street Fighter-Capcom)
58. Guile (Street Fighter-Capcom)
59. Guy (Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom)
60. Hajime Busuzima (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
61. Hakan (Street Fighter-Capcom)
62. Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown-SNK)
63. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken-Namco)
64. Heishiro Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur-Namco)
65. Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
66. Hildregard von Krone (Soul Calibur-Namco)
67. Hitomi (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
68. Holy Order Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
69. Hotaru Futaba (Garuo: Mark of the Wolves-SNK)
70. Hugo (Street Fighter-Capcom)
71. Hulk (Marvel)
72. I-No (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
73. Iori Yagami (King of Fighters-SNK)
74. Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur-Namco)
75. Jacky Bryant (Virtua Fighter-Sega)
76. Jade (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
77. Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
78. Jedah Dohma (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
79. Jenny Burtory (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
80. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil-Capcom)
81. Jin Kazama (Tekken-Namco)
82. Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
83. Joe the Condor (Gatchaman-Tatsunoko)
84. Johnny Sfondi (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
85. Juggernaut (Marvel)
86. Julia Chang (Tekken-Namco)
87. Jun the Swan (Gatchaman-Tatsunoko)
88. Juri Han (Street Fighter-Capcom)
89. Kaijin no Soki (Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams-Capcom)
90. Kamui Tokinomiya (Arcana Heart-Arc System Works)
91. Karas (KARAS- Tatsunoko)
92. Kasumi (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
93. Kazuya Mishima (Tekken-Namco)
94. Ken Masters (Street Fighter-Capcom)
95. Kilik (Soul Calibur-Namco)
96. King (Tekken-Namco)
97. Kitana (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
98. Kokoro (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
99. Konoha (Arcana Heart-Arc System Works)
100. Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
101. Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters-SNK)
102. Lars Alexandersson (Tekken-Namco)
103. Lau Chan (Virtua Fighter-Sega)
104. Lei Fang (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
105. Lei Wulong (Tekken-Namco)
106. Leo Kliesen (Tekken-Namco)
107. Leona Heidern (King of Fighters-SNK)
108. Lili Rochefort (Tekken-Namco)
109. Lilica Felchenerow (Arcana Heart-Arc System Works)
110. Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
111. Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken-Namco)
112. Litchi Faye-Ling (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
113. Lord Raptor (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
114. Magneto (Marvel)
115. Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters-SNK)
116. Makoto (Street Fighter-Capcom)
117. Makoto Nanaya (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
118. Malin (King of Fighters-SNK)
119. Marshall Law (Tekken-Namco)
120. Master Bison (Street Fighter-Capcom)
121. Megaman Volnutt (Mega Man-Capcom)
122. Millia Rage (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
123. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
124. Mr. Karate/Takuma Sakazaki (Art of Fighting/King of Fighters-SNK)
125. Mu-12 (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
126. Nightmare (Soul Calibur-Namco)
127. Nina Williams (Tekken-Namco)
128. Paul Phoenix (Tekken-Namco)
129. Phoenix (Marvel)
130. Platinum the Trinity (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
131. Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
132. Raiden (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
133. Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom)
134. Rikuo (Darkstalkers-Capcom)
135. Robo-Ky (Guilty Gear-Arc System Works)
136. Rose (Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom)
137. Ryu (Street Fighter-Capcom)
138. Ryu Hayabusa (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
139. Sagat (Street Fighter-Capcom)
140. Saki Tsuzura (Arcana Heart-Arc System Works)
141. Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter-Capcom)
142. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
143. Setsuka (Soul Calibur-Namco)
144. Shiki (Samurai Shodown-SNK)
145. Shina “Jane” Gado (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
146. Siegfried Schtauffen (Soul Calibur-Namco)
147. Silber (King of Fighters-SNK)
148. Sir Arthur (Ghosts ‘n Goblins-Capcom)
149. Skullomania (Street Fighter EX-Capcom)
150. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
151. Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur-Namco)
152. Spider-Man (Marvel)
153. Steve Fox (Tekken-Namco)
154. Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat-NetherRealm)
155. Taki (Soul Calibur-Namco)
156. Talim (Soul Calibur-Namco)
157. Tam Tam (Samurai Shodown-SNK)
158. Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters-SNK)
159. Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive-Tecmo)
160. Tira (Soul Calibur-Namco)
161. Tonzura (Time Bokan-Tatsunoko)
162. Tsubaki Yayoi (BlazBlue-Arc System Works)
163. Urien (Street Fighter-Capcom)
164. Venom (Marvel)
165. Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe-Capcom)
166. Whip (King of Fighters-SNK)
167. Wolverine (X-Men-Marvel)
168. Yatterman-1 (Yatterman-Tatsunoko)
169. Yatterman-2 (Yatterman-Tatsunoko)
170. Yugo Ogami (Bloody Roar-Hudson)
171. Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting/King of Fighters-SNK)
172. Zafina (Tekken-Namco)
173. Zangief (Street Fighter)
174. Zasalamel (Soul Calibur-Namco)
175. Zero (Mega-Man-Capcom)
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Personally, I would've classified Athena Asamiya as Psycho Soldiers/SNK, Leona Heidern and Whip as Ikari Warriors/SNK (Even though they technically debuted in the King of Fighters series), and Silber as Buriki One/SNK. But whatever floats your boat, I won't force you to change anything.
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Forgot to menton Iron Man (Marvel)
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yeah, HAD TO keep dan and deadpool up front. lol
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