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somehow i feel like i'm never gonna stop making these as long as they keep making fighting games. started from scratch on this one. didn't really reuse much artwork from the older ones. there is also no character art of DOA characters and most of the MK characters either. but good enough I guess. Kinda rushed it at the end, some spots are overcrowded while other characters have too much space.
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So would this be an example of the major fighting game franchises of the entire genre? As in, the most prominent fighter series' the genre has to offer? I would ask why there are no Skullgirls characters on your picture, but if my first two sentences are what you were going for, then I could see why they weren't included.

Though I would imagine that Killer Instinct and Smash Bros would be prominent enough to include on this character poster considering how popular they seem to be. Hell, Skullgirls has about as much notoriety as the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat despite being an Indie Fighter.