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Good..Evil? What makes a hero?

Dragon*con '07

Speedy: Rabidfanboy
Jinx: :iconcrystalblush:

Photo Credit: EBK
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I always wondered how super heros would look in real life now I just think men I would ask them where's the costplay co. jajaja Your work is perfect and cool and amazing and all neat stuff people said and will always say :D
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awesome cosplays!!!!!!!!! how did you get ur skin to look like that?
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I used krylon makeup in tv white and used a makeup sponge to get an even coverage. Then went over it with their fixative spray. =)
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oh wow, it is awesome
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Great job on Jinx! I'd love to be able to pull that off.
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Incredible costumes!
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Such a cute Jinx! It turned out very nice.
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This is so cool. Great job. =D
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Sweet costumes. Jinx almost crosses into Uncanny Valley (and I mean that in a good way).
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wow that's awesome!!
No one really cosplays Teen Titans! XD The wig is just great!
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It was alot nearer, before my cat Link got to it. I'm actually going to restyle it soon. =)
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Cool. How did you get it to stick out so much? It looks like it might be heavy.
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Nah its actually really light =D. There is foam-core as the base.
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really? oh that's good to know. :] I'll keep foam-core in mind if I ever need to do something like that for a wig.
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