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1. Red Panda
2. Kiki from Kiki's delivery Service

3. Steven Universe
4. Watching YouTube videos
5. Spring
6. Animation
7. Crooner music, especially Sinatra/MacFarlane

8. CatDog
9. 2 cats (Twin tuxedo cats that are both sisters)

10. Mozzarella sticks (breaded)
11. Batman: Arkham Knight
12. Anything chocolate 🍫
13. Yeah
For my new project for the Star vs. the Forces of Evil art, it'll be creating spells for the Magic spellbook from the past Queens of Mewni by using jgss0109's past queens of Mewni, including Star. That way we can all know how the Magic book of Spells became a huge book (P.S. Yes, I am calling Urania's first daughter by the name 'Usagina the Dancer' and Meteora the Relentless is the first, while Eclipsa's second daughter with her new husband Globgor is named after her grandmother which would be Meteora II, and Eclipsa has a Mewman daughter is Luna with Edric Flowers.).

Here are the past queens I would be going for;
Urania the First One
Usagina the Dancer
Estelaria the First Star
Hemera the Builder
Cosmica the Explorer
Polaria the Navigator
Crescenta the Eager
Febe the Red One
Festivia the Fun
Asteria the Mother of the Stars
Etheria the Knight
Skywynne the Queen of Hours
Soupina the Strange
Galaxia the Clairvoyant
Venus the Fairest
Helia the Light of Power
Celestia the Queen of Winter
Meteora the Relentless
Hekatia the Necromancer
Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness
Luna the Child
Heaven the Scared
Vesper the Morning Star
Solaria the Monster Carver
Hesperia the Singer of Dusk
Sideria the Fortunate
Celena the Shy
Diana the Huntress
Sky the Weaver
Moon the Undaunted
Star the Rebel

It'll be going well, thanks for the inspiration of jgss0109 and of the past queen's look when they gotten their wand. :)
It's here! I'm finally complete with the story; Ice Theater and now it's complete! Shout out to PhoenixFirre for the inspiration of me writing my own Sing stories.
Happy new year everyone! I love all of what happened in 2017, especially being part of Deviantart and meeting all of you! Hope 2018 becomes a better year for all of us!
Looks like I predicted of what I feared: I'm sick. Please just wait a while for more submissions from me and I'll feel better till then.
Dear everyone, since I'm now on Deviantart and posting things, after July 12th, I will be taking drawing requests as long as they're not offensive. I would like to build more friends as well.

Just leave comments down and your questions will be answered. ;) :star:
My name is JinxBatstar

I am new to Deviantart and I would like to say I want to interact with more people who are like me (Share my art and my fanfictions) and make new friends. I am a nice person and I don't judge unless it really irritates me. But I would like to be friends and share inspirations, interests with you.