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A redux of the previous study on Serratus Anterior. It was hastily drawn up that time and I have been wanting to do a neater version since then.

I have Burne Hogarth's book on Dynamic Anatomy for years. Only recently I started reading in details. :P To correctly place the Serratus Anterior, imagine a line starting at the pit of the neck, 45 degree down, past the nipple and there you have it.

The maximum number of Serratus slots a human can have is six but that 6th slot is only visible when the arms are raised. In drawing, it makes sense to stick to 5 slots or less. In reality, this particular muscle group are hard to build and most guys have to work really hard (and must be very lean) to have all 5 of their Serratus Anterior show up.

Texture (C) ~bashcorpo
Steph (C) 2012
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So interesting how the body was designed with so many little precise intricacies;  it's amazing. This will be helpful for my own muscular anatomy studies.
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I never have any idea how those are supposed to interact with the back muscle group they border. Just ending them against the mostly vertical edge seems too simple, but anything more complex seems like too much.
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I discovered an epic book thanks to your description XD, I'm currently illegally downloading it. Your art was really helpful too!
i ve been searching for a way to draw those muscles from along time....thnx....too accurate.... <3 love all ur work
All your works are truly lovely. It's neat and clear and plainly gorgeous! It's very helpful 
Thanks for putting time aside to draw these :)
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This is all kinds of attractive artwork. Love your style
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Awesome work I would like to use your concept to practice designing male anatomy.

May I.

I have practice it already but I really like the hands behind the back and the abs.
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really helpful, thanks :)
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Amazing, and so helpful, i never manage to Draw that part of the body right, now i know how it is supposed to look, thanks :)
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Those ones always trip me up, and this is super helpful. Thanks.
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Really awesome!
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These are very helpful. There is still so much for me to learn.
thank you or sharing! i love your tutorials. they're very helpful. :)
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Usefull, thanks !
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I picked up a hardback of Burne Hogarth's "Dynamic Anatomy" seven years ago. I'ts no wonder to me that a hardback of his in mint condition could go for two thousand something dollars on Amazon, Hogarth was a genius! It really is going for that much on Amazon right now.
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Very helpful, thank you!
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Thanks for this, I've always had trouble with this muscle.
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