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Uhmm... I don't know what else to say here but I still enjoy drawing these figures regularly. These never get boring. :B

1:46 am over here and soon I'll be heading bed. Good night for now. :heart:

References (C) *vishstudio | ~hvsuhdcs | Googles
Coffee Stain (C) ~photoshoprangerstock
Texture (C) ~bashcorpo
Artworks (C) Steph 2011
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This is unbelievably beautiful

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Hi, Do you draw these from pictures? Do you use reference? These are so well done! *.*
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Did you study medical diagrams like I'm doing? Because the muscles are accurately placed! Very well done! I couldn't do much better, but I plan to improve with male anatomy, and this'll definitely help!
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The Body is muscle-ly but the movement are so soft like he is dancing. Amazingly done!
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Omg this is amazing,these look like poses that came out of a good Yaoi and I love it 😍😍😍😍
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These are AMAZING :iconiloveitmoreplz: may I use one of these as a reference? :)
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Really, really good!
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Your understanding of human muscle placement is astounding!
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Oh my fucking gosh. this is so....soooooo I have no words!!! It's all so gorgeous looking! This will help with my male body's a bit. Keep up the amazing work!!
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awesomeeeee *____*
CutiePei-Mei's avatar
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I love you that you are doing this~!
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lolololol the bottom 2 Laugh LOL Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon 
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Reminds me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure poses. So fabulous.

Nice work :3
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Some of these poses look so sassy! XD
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oh slenderman u look soo sexy
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You're awesome :-)
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This is gorgeous
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He is obviously feeling so fabulous xD.

Great study!
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This is awesome!!! can I use them like a guide for my drawings?
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