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█ Date of Completion: 30|12|10

Painted on Photoshop alternating between black and white and later throw in a tint of color for effect.

Body study (again) but more emphasize on tone values on the bodies of aesthetically well-built, and the average, lanky males. Also did a couple of back practice since this is the part I rarely get chance to draw.

Top 3 are done without references so they are less refined compared to the rest.

Mature filter off. Let me know if anyone is bothered by the contents. I will on it then. ^^

References from *vishstudio, ~watchstock
Artwork (C) Steph 2010
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WOW, very cool💥😎🔥

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That is so gay, you know.

this is so good and helpfull THANKS *cries*
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Thanks for all your great references!
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Sometimes I only look at male body references to get aroused
Forever alone 
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You're not alone.
impressive art, I would love to use one of your items as a basis for a drawing of mine, Would I be allowed to do that?  Please let me know. 
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rsrs, i know how to draw some poses rs but it was very good rs
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This helps. This helps very much. Now I just need to run and print a bunch, so that I can look at them even when my battery dies...
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nice works! may I ask you if you want to try to draw my body?
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Why are dudes so bloody lumpy...
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I got a tablet this year, and I am so serious about trying to get better with art, I've got a folder FULL of male model references, and I'm trying to study them, honest--  but I feel like I'm fighting an uphilll battle.  These are just beautiful though. *Sighs*
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Looks so real.
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So much awesomeness!
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Male figures are so hard!
TifaRockheart's avatar
not sooo rsrs ;) keep training!
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damn, step by step plz
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May i use a couple of the stances in a drawing i'm doing? I can't seem to get anything i try to pull out of my brain right.
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Oh god, your body studies are so helpfull!!
Many thanks for sharing... :iconbowplz:
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needs to be titled "Sexy, in shape male body study"...... instead. LOL
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