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EDIT: Like I have mentioned, there are always subtle differences between anatomy standards and not all people are conform to these standards either. I won't say these drawings are 100% correct but I also won't say these are ridiculously out of this world. Therefore, I welcome any feedbacks or standards which I could have never heard of. Do share. :)

Got myself a new anatomy book this Friday. Super inspired again. XD

Drawing the front is alright but I need to understand more on the back anatomy. There's always this subtle differences between the sources references online and books and I don't really know which is more accurate.

In case it's hard to tell, the skulls are there as visual indicators. Drew those in to add value to this otherwise boring drawing. The base of the chest should be a head long from the base of the chin. Distance between the base of the chest to the naval should be another one head long.

It will make sense if the legs were included. I like drawing things big to allow more details. Each of these were drawn on A4 paper which had already took up the whole paper space. That leaves the legs for another day. Haha~

Texture (C) ~bashcorpo
Steph (C) 2012
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PlumParkHobbyist General Artist
Talk about men not having high beauty standards lol
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BryanVanGoghProfessional General Artist
thank you for the anatomy references. 
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MidnaMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
...<3 <3 <3
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CedricVaelHobbyist General Artist
Gods your studies are beautiful.
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Wow wonderful ,really like it 
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TharlisStudent General Artist
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sdale154Student Filmographer
Is alright if I use this study as a reference? I can't draw the male body to save my life and this is the body type I want to try and draw
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ScotGaelicValkyrie27Student General Artist
This will definitely be helpful for a cover image I want to do for a fanfiction.
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Thilisma Digital Artist
Thanks for it!!
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thank for the tutorial ◠‿◠
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lillyvon123Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TheSkyPackHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Power-of-PassionHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks like it came out of one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks.
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hendesuHobbyist General Artist
this has been really helpful for me
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Amazing drawing.
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SplurtspletHobbyist General Artist
woah, this is amazing
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BaileyVandenbroekProfessional Digital Artist
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MalvinaIsDeadProfessional Digital Artist
this looks amazing!! I love your work c:
it was really helpful for drawing-practice
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PhantomBlade999Student Traditional Artist
Can you make another one like this for female and skinny male and a really buff one. I will pay.
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Thank you for this! It really helped! I used it as a reference in wazzule.deviantart.com/art/Bri…
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descaigerHobbyist General Artist
this drawing is sexist, male anatomy is not as muscled. The Workout only be achieved in a gym is not birth.

not all men go to a gym, and its definition as marked only be achieved with diet, not all men dieters. This anatomical drawing or instruction is similar to the bevy of real men

.this drawing is a sexist stereotype.
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Dmitriev0Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sexism is when you consider men superior to women, or vice versa.

You are fucking retarded.
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descaigerHobbyist General Artist
ok, stupid retarder your fuking mother.
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Dmitriev0Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ni siquiera sabes hablar inglés...
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