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█ Date of Completion: 27|08|11

Pretty uninspired these days and still not wanting the good 2 days off to go to waste. I spent the day drawing hands from photos. Actually, all hands are mine except one. I shot the pictures captured from the mirror since I have absolutely no intention to hold my left hand in stiff poses for extended time :XD:

Uhmm~ Some are kinda awkward and through this, I know which are my weaker gestures. ^^;

Texture (C) ~struckdumb
Hand Stock (C) ~PsychoDjinn
Artwork (C) Steph 2011
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Lil-Gib's avatar
This is helping soo much!! Thank you so much!
DuskaDoesArt's avatar
that hand hen made me LOL
ASK2pRussiaX1pRussia's avatar
one hand looks abit naughty. anyways thanks for these i'll use it as practice.
Power-of-Passion's avatar
This sure is HANDY.
TheTailedArtist's avatar
I love the hand hen xD
Magikkitten's avatar
Lol that HEN tho
Vvforte's avatar
I gotta hand it too you, this is amazing
Animizuu's avatar
Oh, I really love your drawn hands. : O
Especially the last one, with the upside view on the hand. : )
Very nice.
Zaellrin's avatar
Very well done!
VenusinaMarciana's avatar
im going to sound like an ass but i fav this because of the hand hen =P   (but the study was actually really usefull =D)
Power-of-Passion's avatar
you could say it was...

yahoshi's avatar
haha,funny hen~~Clap 
Peacelover2's avatar
hahaha hand hen that actually good way XD
Owl1990's avatar
color-maniac's avatar
This is awesome! helped me lots!
REcon36's avatar
stefano13's avatar
LOL Hand Hen.. (y) Good work, though.
Aiisuru's avatar
I am TERRIBLE at drawing hands.
*-* I shall study this.
rubygloom73's avatar
gotta love the hand hen :)
ReadingRaven019's avatar
you have very beautiful hands. You are also very great at drawing them.
KichouTenshi's avatar
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