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█ Date of Completion: 17|09|11

Note to self:
► Work on placement of breasts.
► Belly button placement.

The elusive female body study XD. People had asked me a few times whether I know female anatomy. I always answered somewhere between no and took-me-freaking-long to draw actually them well. I know I have to start somewhere to get the hang of drawing females orz

Posemaniacs has a lot of awesome dynamics poses for the female but I soon realized that these are all muscles and I need to look at real people to know where the subtle body fats are. Good thing DA has plenty of references for that. =)

Regarding the mature tag, I really don't want to on it. To sound fair, I didn't put on the mature tag for most of my male studies so why should this be? Plus I had deliberately left out the nipples XD. But do let me know if it's bothering anyone. I will on it then.

For ease of finding purpose.

Credits for the references ~mjranum-stock *thist166 ~Stockfotox ~jessangel2003
Texture (C) `cloaks
Artwork (C) Steph 2011
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may i use this a a ref for my OC"S

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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I'm a little shy critiquing this, but I think since so many people are you haven't gotten much use out of your critique feature. So I'll bite my lip and try my best!

Your ladies all have great feminine shapes, kudos on that! There are a few lingering male aspects I can catch repeating here and there, which I think is what is concerning you. The crotch area needs some attention (erm... DRAWING attention). For an example, I'm going to use the second sketch in the top row. Her pelvic region drops down a bit too far and is quite square - the shape needs to be more triangular. You got this pat in the next row. You used a more triangular shape and did not make lines that followed her vag up to her stomach (if that makes sense). What you should keep in mind is those areas are softer and less accentuated than in a male. Those second-row sketches are a great improvement in the vag area, though you did lapse in the fourth sketch of that row. You did the 'vertical-line-from-vag' thing again, and the bulge there is a little worrisome.

This may just be the crotch area giving you trouble again, but the torsoes do look a little long at times. With her legs cut off, it's hard to tell if it's because the vag is too low or if her torso is too long. I'll place my bets on the vag. My God, this conversation sounds dirty!

You noted a positioning concern about the breasts. I don't see any tendency towards off positioning. What might be bothering you is the spacing between her breasts in a few sketches seems too wide at times, just by a little. Though some girls just have boobs like that; whether that's something you want to do differently is up to you.

I agree that your belly buttons could be higher. Bah, life would be better without belly buttons.

In all of these sketches I can see your strengths of muscle tone, shape, angle, you have amazing anatomy knowledge. You are way better at girls than I think you know. Your only problem is forgetting yourself and falling into masculine shapes. Particularly the crotch at times. Pay attention to that, keep looking at references, and you'll be a femme fatale pro.

As an addition - it's wonderful that you're posting these DA. I'm much less down the road than you anatomy-wise, so I can learn so much from these. Thanks. <3
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bigger boobs pls
More female body pls T.T 
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Hi. I am attempting to draw this with apps on my ipad. When/if I succeed, I can accredit you if you prefer.
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I'm using this for references, just on the point of trying to learn the structures of the body. This is probably one of the best and more helpful studies I have ever seen or learned off of. I'm better with drawing female bodies, but this has definitely made it even better

These are beautiful, and the Male studies are as well .
telgega's avatar
This is the kinda style I'm going for.

mostly realistic but has a degree of cartoonishness.

I don't see anything on here that would be "mature content" though
flutist's avatar
I'm using this as reference for [link] I hope you don't mind.
Don't worry, I just need several pointer about the pose, overall my drawing has different proportion and I'm using perspective also.
Thanks for sharing :D
wsache007's avatar
Yes!!! More studies!!!
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If this is your first version, then you my friend are off to an amazing start. However, I must agree with a-l-m, on that many of your figures do posess a prominent bulge where th vagina should be suggesting that you draw more male figures than female. The only issue with the breasts is that one model (Second Row;Left Middle) has breasts that are too CLOSE together in my opinion. When I draw a female body, I usually put a little more space between the two. Other than the small issues, these are truly magnificent, and you should proudly rank yourself as a advanced artist, capable of beginning to capture real life human poses. Your other featured works, especially your males, are quite remarkable as well.
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this would be very helpful. thanks!
Stitchpunk89's avatar
Oh my God, these are beautiful! :D
Levitating-Narwhal's avatar
Please take the mature content filter off :( I really need to practice anatomy, but it's shit like this that gets in the way :iconfliptableplz:
Forbidden-Realm-T's avatar
Hmm. very helpful ^^
I used some of these..
Hope you don't mind :D
Forbidden-Realm-T's avatar
Hmm, very helpful..
I used some on these..
Alanza's avatar
This has to be one of the most helpful guides I've seen. :
Thank you!
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
this is so helpful!!! thank you so much for sharing, it has been a great resource!!!
FiForme4's avatar
Asivo tata'pory lesy eh!
w4ssup's avatar
can u teach me how to draw? T.T
NightmareCupcake's avatar
Fav madness! Those will be to good help sometime :D Think your anatomy skills is great, keep them up! ^^
JoanMM's avatar
Great. Keep up the good work.
yzkethrag's avatar
Female Slenderman?
Oh yes. >:3
That is what I see. *shrug*
Very nice.
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