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█ Date of Completion: 14|08|11

I can understand why there are so many drawings of eyes on this site. They are totally addictive. I spent half a day doing this and not working on what I'm paid to do.... ;_;

Actually I worked the whole of yesterday on the sketch design of one of the commissions. However I woke up this morning, scrutinized it and decided, yah, I should re-draw another one. Today I decided to take a break from it and draw eyes only. My gawd.

Instead of just drawing a single eye, I think it's better practice to actually draw the other eye as well. Looking back at my own gallery, anyone can tell I kinda conveniently cover the other eye of my characters with hair and making them emos in the process =_=; (who still draw emos these days?)

Btw, these are not meant to be realism eye drawing (of course!). I have these stylized to suit my preferences.

Artwork (C) Steph 2011
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reminds me of attack on titan's art style.

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Your eye drawings are stunning.
they have such an intense gaze. Just beautiful.
Maybe it is bad to ask, but would you mind making a little step by step for those eyes.
i tried to draw them several times now but I just can't get them so amazing.
If you really do it then I shall thank you a lot.
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master TT_TT thank you!~~~
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I got my eyes on you c;
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*steals all of these precious eyes* 
They are now mine and I shall keep them kthxbye Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] 
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The natural stroke in your linework conveys such a cool sense of motion.. it's as addictive to look at as it is to draw the look itself :)
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These are amazing I am now watching you
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Wicked....these are super :O
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actual goals omg,,.. this is are so good???
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it's a amaaaaaaaaaaaazing
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this is amazing! these would be good for anime and it's great!
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This...does things to me. I have always been, well obsessed with eyes. It's kind of my go to when I can't seem to draw anything else.

The wispy look to these, and the coloring, it's so beautiful.
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this truly beautiful. i like all of the eyes <3
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I love drawing eyes too ^^ Wish it was my job.
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Dem eyes... So sexeh...
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I hope you dont mind, but I found your study really helpful for this…
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wooooooooooooow its perfect ..may i copy it ??
Big happycry please
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