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*crack knuckles* Let's do this~ :meow:
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Tanishi Yadav
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Tani this side :3

You have stumbled onto the site of a random Indian girl XD

I'm a ninth grader in a school which is tryna kill me and my friends :'c

Art is the LOVE of my life

What do I really draw?
Its mainly TLK,Mlp,Anthro and am practicing humans in my sketchbook :3

Do I do Art trades?


Not yet :3

I'll add later on XD

:iconsarn-elyren::iconnala15::iconlouis-robinson::iconzandwine::iconestories: :iconverumtee::iconbullerthepirate::iconvelveagicsentryyt::iconculu-bluebeaver:



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                                                                   HWELP ME! QwQ

Post all rules
2.Post 8 facts about you character
3.Tag 8 other people.
4.Post their characters names with their owners.

Tagged by Namirithecheepard 
Ali by jinshu2 

 1. She is an orphaned cub found by a border guard in Uhindi Pride.

2.She was taken in by Osoati,Tani's paternal grandmother so she's practically Tani's family.

3.Tani wanted to name her Alison,but she was 2 years old at that time so all that she could say was 'Ali'.The young cub responded to that name so it stuck.

4.There's nothing Tani and Ali haven't done together.They even drowned together while learning how to swim :'D.

5.Ali doesn't care a hang that no one knows her biological family and some cubs think that she belongs to Kigeni pride.She's happy to be with Tani,Osoati,Nugu and Kamal.

6.She remains with Tani through thick and thin.When Tani was exiled,she went with her to stop the war and ended up meeting her mate in Kigeni Pride(awww).

7.Ali is actually inspired by my rl bestie. I'd once asked her,"Hey,what type of lion would you be?".She told me,"I'll be creamish-whitish with blue eyes :D.Please make one like that!"and thus Ali was made :3. 

8.Whenever Tani refuses to follow her plans or doesn't listen to her,she tickles Tani to (almost)death.

Tagged by Louis-Robinson 
Poskipuna by jinshu2

1.As a cub,Kamal was very enthusiastic and active.As the years went by and then being in a war as a young adult,he turned into an introvert.

2.He had the biggest crush on Tani and for the longest time.Well,until she moved away ;-;.

3.He became the part of the border guard once he was eligible for it.

4.All the scars he has,were from the war.

5.In his family,he is the only one with those god-damn bootiful eyes!

6.He is a huge lion,to say the least.And has a soft spot for huggles!

7.His name means 'Lotus' in Hindi.

8.He loves listening to stories,legends,tales etc. and in his teen days,spent most of his time with Tani's bibi Osoati.

Retagged by Namirithecheepard 
Nafurahi by jinshu2

1.He is the mate of Sarafina,daddy of Nala and Mheetu and grandfather to Kopa,Kiara and Kion.

2.He was the fastest member of Taka's lion guard.

3.His best bud was Mawari,a silent yet strong lion.

4.Nafurahi can't stand Rafiki,or any other bipedal for that matter.He just feels weird around them monkeys.(i KNOW Rafiki's a mandrill!!).

5.He LOVES eating.Its his favourite hobby(eh) and hates that he doesn't get even a bit fat or chubby.(He's a very lean cubbo.)

6.He adores racing with Taka and Mufasa,because Mufasa always loses =p and Taka is super competitive(even when he knows Nafu is the fastest).

7.He HATES being called Nafu-Rafu,a nickname given to him by Rafiki :XD:(keep patience young grasshopper XD) and all Monkeys/Baboons call him that.

8.He's the oldest so he was alive at the time of the lion guard before him(IM NOT REVEALING NAMES YET) and was stuck on a tree from where he fell but was saved by Uru's uncle and his guard.
Few days later,the guard leader died ;-;.

     TAG WAR(don't think i forgot!)
Namirithecheepard -Alika
Louis-Robinson -Jabori
Nala15 -Noka
chizuu-ru -Ayana
It's your wish to do or not.Anyone reading this can wish to do it!
  • Listening to: Songs
  • Eating: Food(the dish name's too weird in english)
  • Drinking: Milk
*cough cough*Since my finals start from Tuesday,this will be my last artwork on Da,till 6th March.Then I'll be RAINING ART ON EVERYONE!
Thankies to Fariha for the cub base yet again!

Feel free to comment I will always try to respond.
No negative comments please.
Police Do NOT use my art for basing,tracing blah blah blah(you can ask before doing that stuff)
When an angel loves a devil
he turns into a devil himself.
Happy Valentine's Day lovely people!!
So any idea who the 'devil' is here hehehe
He's Zira's daddy!
In my headcanon/theory/idkwut, Taka is bisexual and he madly falls in love with a phsycopath lion who has commited many murders and hides out in the elephant graveyard with his hyena gang. Taka,madly in love,uses guard patrolling as an excuse to meet Hizo often.
When Mufasa(few years later) finds out that his first cub's murderer was in the Elephant graveyard,he kills him there,
in front of Taka who then believed Hizo's lies.
And turned into a devil himself.

Hizo,artwork © jinshu2
Taka(Scar) © Disney
:police: You are NOT allowed to claim this art as yours!
I'll get back at you one day Nami

         1.Post all rules
         2.Post 8 facts about your character     
         3.Tag 8 other people
         4.Post the character's name with owner

I was given Tani so I'll tell you some interesting facts about her!!(and she relates to me so some of the facts might be rl based)             
     Tani ref by jinshu2
 1.She is the daughter of Issia and Asima and lives in Uhindi pride.
       2.She is said to have made peace between two warring prides;Uhindi and Kigeni with help of her friends ofcourse.

   3.She and her little brother Nugu are technically mixed blood since their father is from Nawas territory and their mother is of Fiana territory.

4.She wants to learn how to swim but she is a hopeless case in that field :'D(unlike me).

5.Say one bad word to her friends or family and you'll be murdered within the next 6 hours.

6.She is very protective of her friend Ali and her brother Nugu as they both are younger than her

7.She is deathly ascared of spiders.So it's no wonder Nugu gets smacked in the face by her when he shows his favourite 'animal' to her(a trick she falls for EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.).

8.Last but not least,if you are her friend,you have your own personal fluffy bodyguard who is quite ticklish(don''t dare to tickle her or more than 2 mins.Only Ali is allowed to do that).

And here comes payback time >:3
I'll tag:
Namirithecheepard -Anga
JYNFury14 -Kheri
Louis-Robinson -Tulivu
Nala15 -Rehema
chizuu-ru -Amiri
VelveagicSentryYT -Starbreaker
Sarn-Elyren -Hodari
RainbowTashie -Rainbow
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