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The Doctor and Rose

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I was watching some Doctor Who tonight and I realized....I HATE Martha....and no offense to those of you who like her(for god only knows why) but I have always felt that the Doctor belonged with Rose and Rose alone so I made this wallpaper.
If you need it resized, lemme know, yea?

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David tennant is so fit
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LyRiCaLSiLeNcEHobbyist Photographer
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Agree completely :D
Awesome wallpaper xx
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
Martha isn't a bad companion, he's still meant for Rose though, but Donna annoyed me the most.

I :heart: this wallpaper.
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JinROCKSHobbyist Writer
Thank you! And I agree, she's not a bad companion, I just really disliked her in series 3 because it seemed she spent most of the time pinning over the Doctor and it really took away from her in my opinion, but I really liked her later when she got over him. I've always felt that Ten and Rose had the best chemistry though. I notice a lot people didn't like Donna that much, I adored her though, but I think it came from it being such a change of pace in his companions and she wasn't in love with him like they all seemed to be.
Wow....I loved that I just turned my response in a Doctor Who discussion, lol.
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
She was always so overly negative about herself and numerous times I kept wanting o reach through the computer screen(I have the episodes, save for the new season on my portable hard drive) and slap her. Her favourite saying I swear was, "But I'm just a temp" or "I'm nothing special" Lady, open yours eyes, The Doctor clearly thought you were special enough to drag along. When she wasn't complaining about herself I could stand her, but she complained about herself so much. Of course, I don't think her mother helped that problem though...
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I never really noticed that until you mentioned it and I can see how that could be annoying actually. I guess it's safe to say that all of his companions have their flaws.
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
It's part of what makes them, human. Of course, I've no idea about all the other companions he had in his various past regenerations but, they probably did to, and some of them weren't human.

I'm dieing waiting for the next season to come out.
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millbrun Writer
Can I please use this? :)
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JinROCKSHobbyist Writer
Of course you can!
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LOL i had to comment on this cause while browsing i saw your comment and needed to concurr LOL
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This is awesome, JM.
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awesomest show ever
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