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Kamiwaza Wanda OC Printmin Promin and Bugmin Compa by JinNeko12 Kamiwaza Wanda OC Printmin Promin and Bugmin Compa :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 3 5 Kimeramin by JinNeko12 Kimeramin :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 4 5 Animal Related Promin Conception[Strawberrystar123 by JinNeko12 Animal Related Promin Conception[Strawberrystar123 :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 6 13 Happy B-Day in 2018! by JinNeko12 Happy B-Day in 2018! :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 7 15 WereMametchi[1000jokes] by JinNeko12 WereMametchi[1000jokes] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 5 41 Knighttchi Without Helmet by JinNeko12 Knighttchi Without Helmet :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 6 9 More Promin Conceptions[Strawberrystar123] by JinNeko12 More Promin Conceptions[Strawberrystar123] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 7 3 Promin Group[Strawberrystar123] by JinNeko12 Promin Group[Strawberrystar123] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 7 3 Soulmin-W(Redesign) by JinNeko12 Soulmin-W(Redesign) :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 7 5 Triple Promin Fusion Duo[Randomperson1146] by JinNeko12 Triple Promin Fusion Duo[Randomperson1146] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 8 11 Kiramin Cheering Terasumin Up[Strawberrystar123] by JinNeko12 Kiramin Cheering Terasumin Up[Strawberrystar123] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 6 29 Mos with Fear[1000jokes] by JinNeko12 Mos with Fear[1000jokes] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 4 3 Newly Inspried Tamagotchi OC by JinNeko12 Newly Inspried Tamagotchi OC :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 5 7 Farewell, Always Number One...[1000jokes] by JinNeko12 Farewell, Always Number One...[1000jokes] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 7 10 More New Kamiwaza Conceptions[Strawberrystar123] by JinNeko12 More New Kamiwaza Conceptions[Strawberrystar123] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 3 17 Love Love Trip[Niconicodonasm666] by JinNeko12 Love Love Trip[Niconicodonasm666] :iconjinneko12:JinNeko12 5 2





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Kamiwaza Wanda OC Printmin Promin and Bugmin Compa
This is Promin and Bugmin comparison of My Promin OC, Printmin.

Printmin as Promin - Prints any pictures on computer properly.
Printmin as Bugmin - Prints any pictures on computer messy or with wrong colors or wrong letters.

I hope Alys like this! :D

Kamiwaza Wanda - Takara Tomy
Printmin - Me
Meme - :iconstrawberrystar123:

Original Meme :…
Dear Alys, You Told Me You Blocked Randy Because of Some Issue with Your Promin OC, So I Decided to Giving You A Little Surprise Gift! :D

Another Promin Z Conceptions by JinNeko12

First, I'll Show You New Promin-Z Variations Conceptions! XD

Eishamin-Z : Based on Digital Projector
Senpuumin-Z : Based on Hand-Hold Electric Fan
Keshigomin-Z : Based on Wedge Eraser and Black Board Eraser
Burgermin-Z : Based on Hamburger with Onion and Lettuce and Chicken Patty for Head and Coke and Onion Ring and Chicken Nuggets for Hands
Sharimin-Z : Based on Various Sushi on Wooden Plates for Head and High Classed Sushi Plate for Body

And Also Milkymin Must Be Upset, So I'm gonna Give Her A New Boyfriend to Cheer up with Kephi from DaoBazzi Anime! :)

Milkmin with Shepherdmin and Kephi by JinNeko12

Shepherdmin : Are You Milkymin? I've Heard About You. If You Fine, I Can be Your Boyfriend.Sunglasses are good 
Milkymin : Tha...Thank You! Blush 
Kephi : Cool! Now I Can Drink Milkymin's Fresh Milk Again!OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

And Also For Upcoming My Birthday, I'll Get You 12 Questions with These Characters!

Soulmin-W(Redesign) by JinNeko12
Soulmin-W(Based on :iconstrawberrystar123:'s Soulmin)

Bazzi by JinNeko12
Bazzi(DaoBazzi Anime)

Mos by JinNeko12
Mos(DaoBazzi Anime)

Ppori by JinNeko12

Jyuru by JinNeko12

Nebitto by JinNeko12

Nobo by JinNeko12
Nobo(StoneAge Begins)

Beron by JinNeko12
Beron(StoneAge Begins)

Otutu by JinNeko12
Otutu(StoneAge Begins)

Rules :

Bullet; Red Don't Insult This Q & A or You'll Be Warned!
Bullet; Green You Can Ask Them About Their Family, Friends or Other Relatives.
Bullet; Yellow Ask The Question to These Characters Only.
Bullet; Red If You Called StoneAge Begins or Uniminipet is Rip Off/Spin Off of Any of Dinosaur/Monster or Fantasy Anime You'll be Warned.
Bullet; Blue You Can Ask 12 Questions 

And For Last, I'll Reveal My Secret!

1. Turbomin and Other Promins are Young Adults Just Like Righttchi or Wagassiertchi(Who are My Favorite Tamagotchi Character Presumably) Except Smellmin and Softmin in My Story.

I'll List Them Alongside with Tamagotchis[Sadly, My OCs are Not Included :sad:] .

Age : 14 - Jaguchimin, Recomin, Measuermin, Mapmin, Yumemin, Makuramin, Penmin, Bellmin, Catchmin, Clipmin, Temomin, Slowmin, Banemin, Senpuumin, Coromin, Sugarmin(Promins), Nandetchi, Butterflytchi, Debatchi, Mimitchi, Amakutchi, Karakutchi, Crepetchi, Nemutchi, Naturatchi, Hanafuwatchi, Watapatchi, Amiamtchi, Rinkuruchi(Tamagotchi)
Age : 15 - Turbomin, Mutemin, Tonkamin, Kagimin, Gauzemin, Hasamin, Burgermin, Sharimin, Jetmin, Boatmin, Divemin, Eishamin, Chakkamin, Freezermin, Plugmin, Tsukkomin, Mentemin(Promins), Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Himespetchi, Kuromametchi, Neenetchi, Pianitchi, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Yumemitchi, Kirairtchi, Miraitchi, Clulutchi, Moriritchi, Coffretchi, Candy Pakupaku, Righttchi, Tacttchi, Hoshigirltchi, Spacytchi(Subarashiitchi in My Story), Flowertchi, Furiritchi, Makiko, Mofumofutchi, Ameartotchi(Tamagotchi)
Age : 16 - Liftmin, Keshigomin, Wrapmin, Railmin, Magnemin, Gamemin, Fatmin, Drillmin, Stopmin, Showamin, Clockmin, Micmin, Gakkimin, Speechmin, Cafemin, Origamin, Copymin, Yajiromin, Spicemin, Dancemin(Promin), Smartotchi, Wagassiertchi, Knighttchi, Charatchi, Acchitchi, Monakatchi, Doyatchi, Julietchi, Waltztchi, Harptchi, Yukinkotchi, Tropicatchi, Watawatatchi, Himebaratchi(Tamagotchi)
Age 17 : Hanshamin, Deodomin, Artmin, Tafumin, Gymmin, Zuzumin, Jishomin, Memorymin, Motemin, Fukumin, Gagmin, Drymin, Tengumin, Brushmin, Sukemin(Promin), Maisutatchi, Giragiratchi, Agetchi(Tamagotchi)

And For Children...

Child(Age : 5 ~ 13) : Lovesoratchi, Smellmin, Softmin, Chamametchi, Imotchi, Kiramotchi, Decoratchi, Orenetchi, Tsuyotchi, Konenetchi, Herotchi, Madonnatchi, Pekopekotchi, Akaspetchi, Pipospetchi

2. In My Story Showamin, Penmin, Clockmin are Girls.

3. In My Story, When Dao said He is Crush on Lovelitchi, Dizni got Crush on My OC, Kiokei and Marid go Crush on My Other OC, Shao-Wei. And Also Dao Became Crush on Lovelitchi with Some Issues and Bazzi Been Crush on Melodytchi When He Heard Sound of Melody Violin. Meanwhile Ethi been Crush on Kiraritchi, Who has Crush on Liftmin Who is in Love with Hasamin and Mos Been Crush on Pianitchi When He saw Pianitchi After He Fixed Her Smapi(Smart Piano Pad).

4. Otutu Owned by Woody(StoneAge : The Legendary Pet) Used to be Timid and Naive, However He got Courage to Protect His Precious Thing He Loves. And For Nobo was Owned Gabi(Biff/StoneAge : The Legendary Pet), However When Pirates Invaded He was Flew Away by Cannon And He Became Gina/Zina(Evie in My Story/StoneAge : The Legendary Pet)'s Pet.

Well, That's All and See ya! XD


JinNeko12's Profile Picture
Jin Seok-Bang
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
South Korea
Hello, I'm Anime Loving Boy~ :D

And Don't Worry! I Still Love Kamiwaza Wanda, Tamagotchi, Koopa, Pokemon, Characters and Even Mythology & Extincted Creatures! And Also I'm Recently On StoneAge the Begin and Mix Master too! :>

Plans :

Pekopeko Grown Up to Nijifuwa - Asks TimothyJDarden
KuroMametchi X Smartotchi -Dancing in Night
Show By PokeRock2 - Asks TimothyJDarden
Woody the Serval - Asks TimothyJDarden
Ellia's Pet - Asks TimothyJDarden
Doctor Crush - Asks TimothyJDarden
Nandetchi X Righttchi - Taking Care Of You....

Art Trade : Well, If You Fine ^^;
Request : Of Course :)
Commission : If You Wanted ;)
Watching : It's Okay, If You Love My Deviation :)

NSFW Requests, Art Trades, Commissions : Nope, Or You Have To Pay Me A Point :(

Well, That's All. I Love You Guys :)


New Tamagotchi OC Adopts
This is My New Tamagochi OCs for Adoption! If You Like One of Them, Ask Me! :D
StoneAge Anime Based on OCs
I've Based on StoneAge Anime Characters to Make These OCs! I Hope You Guys Like These! :D
Pokemon Next Gen Egg Adoptables!
These Are My Pokemon Anime Shipping Generation's Egg! It's Cheap as You Want !:D
StoneAge Inspired OC Adoptables!
These Characters Are My First StoneAge Inspired OCs! I Hope You Like Them and Costs are 15 Points for Each!


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Also, I'll Have NSFW Commission Point Gain!

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10 Nude Characters - 50

And I Have Characters to Adoptions.

Small Characters - 5 Points
Medium Characters - 10 Points
Large Characters - 15 Points
Giant Characters - 50 Points…

I Hope You Understands Me.

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