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Hi guys and gals!
How are you doing?

Last year I started a Patreon campaign*, but I thought I wouldn't share it until I knew I could provide the content needed so I wouldn't let you down.
A lot of bad things have happened to me in the past months, but I in the mix of all of that I grew as an artist, and I want to show it to you.

If you feel like supporting my art please check it out:

I have some nice goals, like weekly videos, tutorials, live stream and much more pixel-related stuff!
Every penny counts. If you feel like doing it, know that it will help me a lot.

Thanks for your time <3

*What is Patreon?

Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons. Unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works.

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Wait a second. It only costs u 1000 bucks to make your own video game?
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Indie made, in a monthly basis. It can be done.
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Thats something id love to see u do. especially a platformer or a turn based game similar to advance wars.
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I'm already working on a small platformer project on my free time:…

Still a LOT to do tho, but with a busy schedule, it's hard to focus on it.
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Reallly needs a background. thats made in pixelart as it does fit in with the piece.

Also the main character sprite isnt anywhere near as original as the character in that first picture sketch u did.

I mean even ratchet and clank isnt that original.
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Some small changes will still be made.
But since it's just a free-time project, I'll stick with what I have in order of not losing time changing the key points.

When you don't have a set goal or external support, it's kinda hard to keep the project going. But let's see what will come up in the end :)
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Yeah will be looking forward to it. And i know what u mean i want to make an app. And as revolutionary as it could be. I dont have the time and for 800 bucks nobody wants to do it for me.

Lol so i understand what your saying
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Então eu posso ser seu "Patrão" mais ou menos? Hmmmm..interessante.
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Seria como um mecenas, hehe. :D
Sorosoro's avatar
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