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The misadventures of a human and his dog



Don’t you love when the coverarts back in the 80s have nothing to do with the game itself? Take a look into Megaman1 boxart for instance, I wonder who the heck draw megaman that way… he even have a pistol (not to mention those legs, man… those legs)! 

Adventure Time Cartridge Mockup by JINNdev

This was a NES game idea that I had, it would be heavily “a boy and his blob” inspired. You would use Jake’s transformations to search for power ups and advance the levels, Jake would also be a weareble armor like he was once or twice in the show. Finn would play very megaman-zelda2-ish; walk, jump, slash, etc, all in 8bit goodness! I tried my best to mimic the NES limitations, using 4 colors per block and 5 colors max per sprite, and the color palette is fearelly the same.

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Adventure Time 8bit Mockup by JINNdev
Adventure Time 8bit by JINNdev

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My only problem with this is that the Mega Man box art was bad. But you managed to make something that actually looks good😁