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Tardis Day


Made these Doctor Who caricatures during inktober, but I figured it was time to finally finish and publish it already.
And what a better time than Tardis Day? (Well, I almost missed it too, but here it is!)

Hope you'll enjoy!

Let me know which's your favourite doctor :)

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Awesome pixel art! :+fav: I'm still quite new to Doctor Who, so I didn't even know there was a TARDIS Day. No surprise there, though. ;) I do like to call myself a Whovian already. :D

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While a story's quality of course doesn't hinge on the main characters design, it does tell you something about the priorities of the creators. It is interesting to me that they all wear pretty timeless clothing except for the two that belong to the most disliked seasons.

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Lovely piece of caricaturing. Never was a fan of Dr Who myself but I do recognise at least some of these. 
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Outstanding work!!! Take five! Or all fifteen... :D
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Wow! This is very impressive!! Yes, absolutely amazing artwork!! All Doctors are perfect!!!
yes yes yes very good but you still left out some uncaon non canon doctors who should be added no pun intended ha ha ha!
Christ I remember when there were just 8 doctors...
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Haha, I can almost relate
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They look like they could be in a video game
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It is such a beautiful and cute artwork!! :heart: :clap:
I really like your style with all the tiny details, it must be a pain to draw the all the little things like the buttoms, bowties and cloth pattern. Oh and the hair of every Doctor look just fabulous. And i love the TARDIS with all the details. :love:
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Thank you very much! :D
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No, i have to thank you. It was my pleasure to discover, fave and comment this fanwork :D
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Great work. Two is my personal sci-fi god.
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Yeah, also he started the whole regeneration thing. Not an easy task!
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What I love about this art piece is the little details of each Doctor showing each of there own personality that makes them stand out from one another. Also showing the new 13 Doctor that open up a new chapter into the world of Doctor Who and what's to come. I agree with gatoechado this is the first art piece that shows all the Doctor's, the line up that made Doctor Who into what is now with what to look forward too down the line with the 13th one. Just there looks on there faces speaks and brings a story into that particular Doctor without selling one word I believe. Well if you know the show you may know the Doctor's and all of there adventures and everything they been through which by there faces tells a story all on it own. 
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Thank you so much for your kind words sir! <3
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Thank you very much for sharing your work with us JINNdev keep it up !
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love the 11 one tho and he wearing a faz, fazs are cool
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