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Rincewind, Twoflower, Luggage, Imp and Kring

Ten years ago I started posting my Pixelart.

At the time, I wasn't confident in my skills. I had a lot to learn. It was not easy to be part of a community with such tallented artists and compare my skills with theirs, realizing the enourmous path I'd have to follow to be with them some day. Criticism broke once, and broke me twice. But I learned with it. I studied. Every single day I studied, not to surpass them, but to surpass myself. It's funny to think how much proud I was with each result I got. "I'm one step closer", I used to think. And that kept me going. Each new work I posted here was an attest of my learning process, and boy I was happy with it!

I still think I have a long way ahead before I reach the great ones, but I'm still praticing, I'm still studying, I'm still trying my best.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm sharing this. But I wonder if someone that might read this feels like I felt back then, that I wasn't good enough, and that I had to outdo myself every single day to, hopefully, be where I wanted so hard to be. All I have to say is that it's not easy. And that I still don't think I'm there yet. But I'll be there some day.

And here I lay my most sincere thank you to all of you who helped me somehow, I won't list names because I don't think it would be fair. But you know who you are.

Keep awesome, pals. And keep reaching for your goals.
We'll get there some day.
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Ive been following you for a few years now and though I don't use deviantart anymore I am still a fan! Keep growing and pursuing your desires
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Thanks for sharing your story and your great art. Somehow I also feel a bit nostalgic when seeing art about, and reading the old Discworld books and  I realize how close they lie with my own creativity and art. 

I've started reading "Thud!" just a week ago, though, the wizards will always be my first and favourite Pratchett creations. 
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It's awesome! Do you plan to continue art based on Discworld? :happybounce: 
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So cool interpretation! Maybe Rincewind is a bit too seriuos, but Twoflowers is just perfect!
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This is really fun and completely recognizable.  Great job capturing the essence of the characters.  :clap:
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This looks quite nice.
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Reminds me of something I'd expect from a Terry Pratchett book!
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Heh. I actually recognized them the second I saw them. Really nice work you made here.
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I'll always think of Rincewind as having the voice of Eric Idle thanks to those Discworld adventure games.
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I love it very much. It's so awesome! I like your work! \*^*/
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The Colour of Magic & The Light Fantastic. The first two Discworld novels I read.
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You keep awesome too :D For what it's worth, you will always be one of the pixel arting greats to me, dude!  You're definitely a huge inspiration to me!  Keep going, keep doing, keep creating - keep improving and reaching for your goals!  It is always a joy to see what pixelly goodness appears in my inbox from you :D 

This is a gloriously fun pixel piece too, I love all the detail and the colour pallette looks awesome!  I never got to read/play the Discworld series, but I've always liked the overall art style and colour choices of the character/background design in the game, and you have made it look so much more refined and deliciously detailled - the characters look so awesome here!  Loving the expressions and omgosh, it would be so amazing seeing the whole game revamped with your mad pixel skills, haha XD  JUST ANY GAME revamped with your awesome pixel skills!  Aaaah! 

Anyway, keep up the great work, dude :D Nice to hear from you again!  (Apologies; I've had so many long absences from the internet in recent times, but it's still always a pleasure to check out your gallery :D)
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