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January 5, 2011
Suggester said: "Fringe Meets SCUMM by ~JinnDemonEvil is a true tribute to classic point-and-click adventures like LucasArts Day of the Tentacle. It enbodies gaming pixel art in its finest hour, in a time when 3D visuals didn't (really) exist. This could easily be seen as a sceen capture of an actual tripple A title of the late nineties: great handdrawn anti-aliased backgrounds, incredible and very recognisable caricatures of the TV series. The added animation elements further shows that this deviantARTist really loves his work, getting every pixel right!"
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Fringe Meets SCUMM



Background only:

Another idea that came out... If Fringe was a point and click game, like the good old ones.

I think this is the one that I most like of my recent mockups... Maybe because of the TV show itself (wich I love), I really don't know...

Well, anyway, hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed to do it.

(c) J. J. Abrams
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I love that you included Gene :D