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FullMental Sample Plate

Fullmental A. : Sample template

*Combo and BG sample by HM
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kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii owo that power seems amaziiiiiiiiiiiing owo smexii XD
bunnypistol69's avatar
i hope to learn your cool color style! damn this is really good!
traithorz's avatar
cool for the game 2D
Psychorror's avatar
I detect traces of Odin Sphere.
gothicflame13's avatar
woah awesome!
steampunk. oh yeah... :headbang:
IroniaWhite's avatar
Winry looks great
nanshu29's avatar
น่าสนใจดีอะ ^^
sakujung's avatar
*0* มันไว้ทำอะไรอ่ะค่ะ? เกมส์หรอค่ะ?
greeneye1981's avatar
-- โอ้ว จัดมาเลยครับ สุโค่ยเน่ O_o
Ven-Style's avatar
The sprites remind me of odin sphere :D

Details are excellent! :XD:
JBeanSV's avatar
mbalsamao's avatar
Nice Set! This is going to be Amazing? Is it being developed?
ObsidianKaesken's avatar
I thought this was something for Fullmetal up until I saw Mizu's comment and then relooked the title. X]
Anywho, it looks really good, I likes it.
Mizulyn's avatar
This looks more like Fullmetal instead FullMental XD But still this looks great!
xX-CookieMonster-Xx's avatar
YUS!!!! :iconmustangplz: :iconedplz: :iconlingishappyplz: <-- ling, ed, and mustang like this!! XDDDD
AngelicAdonis's avatar
ValkyrieFenrir's avatar
Woa! that is cool! ≡ ◊≡
mirmanerd101's avatar
this looks absolutely amazing.....
Apple-Pear's avatar
This seems really cool~ o 3o Major Armstrong! \o/
razor180's avatar
out of curiosity? is it full meNtal on purpose, instead of full metal, or is that chat a typo

they look good
Shinrai-92's avatar
WOOOOOOOW!!! This is like Odin sphere meets Full metal alchemist!
LadyDeven's avatar
what no tiny mini skirts?
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