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The Smiths WIP

A Doctor Who rock band featuring Mickey Smith on drums, Sarah Jane Smith on keyboard, John Smith from Human Nature on lead guitar and out of character Matt Smith on bass! Yes, it's 'The Smiths'! ;)

I'm very busy on my new podcast, Bridging the Rift, and trying to get my costume finished in less than two weeks, so I'm giving up on getting this art finished any time soon.

So to celebrate my first year on deviantART (As of 21st of July) and going past 7,000 pageviews, I'm releasing this work in progress for you all to enjoy in the mean time!

Because I'm such a perfectionist, I spent stupid amounts of time on this, I think I'd listened to at least 12 Doctor Who audio plays in the time it took me just to do the line art. Hope some of you like it and want to see it finished!

Disclaimer: This piece is intended purely as fan art. I claim no ownership of Doctor Who or the characters depicted. All characters belong to the BBC and their creators.
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thefelinearmy's avatar
that's genious! Love it :)
Horace-Bulregard's avatar
LP4eva's avatar
haha awesome!
:rofl: love the idea behind it, never realized there were so many Smiths in Doctor Who! :XD:
jinkies36's avatar
Luke Smith and Mr Smith also appeared in The Stolen Earth :)
LP4eva's avatar
oh my god! There's more?! lol! Yeah I forget about them, I've never seen the Sarah Jane Adventures, just that little bit when they're shown on DW. :P
Pkarma42's avatar
The Smiths, brilliant XD
Mafer's avatar
lol thats funny.nice idea
whosname's avatar
Yay! Great idea!
hope you finish it soon :D
katesw's avatar
Smiths Unite! Great idea. Looking forward to update! :D :thumbsup:
DalekMercy's avatar
It's even more brilliant than I imagined!
DA encourages you to finish it^^
jinkies36's avatar

Thanks! Hopefully I'll finish it next month when I've finished the costume I'm working on at the moment...
DalekMercy's avatar
Awesome can't wait to see the finished product!
charcoal-feathers's avatar
I am so looking forward to seeing this finished! :D
jinkies36's avatar
Look back in September and hopefully I'll have it done :)
needlemage's avatar
Heee.. Lovely drawing, cheesey pun. x3
Teeceeoh's avatar
Fourth wall? What fourth wall? :lol:
jinkies36's avatar
Where, where?! I see no wall! :XD:
Ilox90's avatar
:D i love that bass
keep coloring :#1:
jinkies36's avatar
Thanks for the encouragement!
Ilox90's avatar
You're welcome
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