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My official reference art

[AT] A Giant's Day at the Park by JinjiTheGengar, literature

Song Concept: The Final Farewell by JinjiTheGengar, literature

A Concise Overview of Jinji's Mansion by JinjiTheGengar, literature

Prologue: A view from the Other Side by JinjiTheGengar, literature

The Afterlife of the Party by JinjiTheGengar, literature

A Meeting of Realities by JinjiTheGengar, literature

Ghostly Grudges: Psychics And Ghosts Explained by JinjiTheGengar, literature

Spirits of Winter: Part 2 by JinjiTheGengar, literature

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My Bio
Jinji is a rather mischievous Gengar who loves to have a good laugh, whether it's with or at the expense of other people. A chaotic individual, his personality and actions are random and usually unpredictable, and both friends and enemies are regularly made victims to his numerous tricks, which occasionally may verge on malicious. However, Jinji is not a mean Spirit - rather, he's incredibly friendly and open-hearted; and loves to help people with problems they have or just make them feel better about themselves. He's also very sociable and all around likeable personality. He also would never harm a human - though he often possesses humans in order to be able to better interact with other humans much more easily; and he has once hypnotised someone who annoyed him to send them to sleep - these are painless actions, however, and he only does what is necessary. To Jinji, it's most important that everyone is having fun; and even if he seems to be being slightly mean, it's just because he knows that's what people want to keep the game entertaining.

This same caring commitment and passion for fun extends to Pokémon as well - Jinji will befriend any Pokémon as long as they mean no threat to any human or Pokémon; though it is not usually clear who he genuinely considers a "friend", as he is the kind to keep enemies just as close to him - and when he feels like playing a prank, EVERYONE is fair game. Jinji knows when the game is over, however; and has the ability to turn deathly serious when the need requires. He is a master of illusion and can make even the soundest minds lose their sanity for as long as it takes, and his various Ghostly attacks, not least of which the Shadow Balls he always enjoys throwing, can often be intensely strong. Jinji is never one to turn down a direct challenge; and if you ever battle him, be aware you may not leave in the same state you entered.

This is a very simplified version of my character biography and I may submit more detailed backstories in the future, but it should give you the gist of what I'm like. I like to be in character most of the time, so don't expect serious conversation from me, but I prefer to be a casual role-player so I may be a bit more "real" sometimes. I'd also like to be consulted first if you want to involve myself, my character or parts of it in your own works.

My views on Art Trades, Requests etc.


The Jinji the Gengar universe comprises three distinct canons all of which utilise characters, scenarios and concepts I've designed and developed myself. As a result, I mainly focus on self-composed stories, poetry and character descriptions, though I am also beginning to get into drawing as well.

Occasionally however, I receive Notes asking for requests, trades and so on. The following lists my views on each of these:

Requests closed by aqua spirit22 d8bl6ue

As I mainly prefer to work on my own initiative and find it pressurising to work to a brief or under deadlines, I do not take requests of any kind. Trying to force me to work for you or collaborate with you without any prior discussion will result in an immediate block.

Speaking of collabs...

F2u   Status Buttons   5 Colors Available By Aqua

I regularly collaborate with my friends on works, working together to create and refine new comic strip ideas, writing dialogues, and designing concepts both for my own characters and theirs - and I'm happy to extend my skills and work with anyone I know well enough. That being said, don't ask me to collaborate with you if I've never met you before or only a short while ago. I'd rather we take the time to properly get to know each other and understand each other's characters, skills, personality and style. I believe taking the time to know your coworker makes working together much more successful :)

F2u   Status Buttons   5 Colors Available By Aqua

Similar to requests, it is my belief that Art Trades put too much pressure on both parties to work to a similar standard and be timely; and this pressure can sometimes lead to disappointment or a lack of confidence by either party. Additionally, there have been occasions where I have agreed to art trades where the other party has failed to uphold their end of the bargain. For that reason, I am NOT open to Art Trades. Exceptions will only be made for close friends where there is a clear understanding of what is expected from each party.

Kiribans closed by aqua spirit22 d8bl3h0

While I appreciate all my followers and am very happy when I hit certain milestones, I don't believe in entitlement. If you're gonna follow me with the expectation that I'm gonna make something for you just because you made me "hit a milestone", I'm probably just gonna block you straight away.


One more thing: I write in my spare time and when I feel like I have something solid to write about. This means my submissions can be erratic and spontaneous, and typically don't follow any release schedule. If you don't like waiting to read new things, don't follow me. Thanks!

Just to be clear, giving credit is NOT the same as getting permission. Ask before using another artist's OCs!
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Please note: I would prefer to keep my comment box purely for feedback only (e.g. comments on my profile, stories or artwork). That said, thank-yous for follows, favourites, or comments I have made on your own works are allowed, as long as you're not spammy about it. Some small-talk is also allowed, but I'm not the best at it, so please forgive me if I don't offer a reply. Oh, one last thing! No rude/adult content please - Jinji tries to be clean and family-friendly, and I expect visitors to my profile to be the same! ***Comments that ignore these rules will be removed. Continuous breaches will result in a block***
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omg you got core? congrats

MinkasReverie gave me a Diamond badge for wishing her a Happy Birthday last week, which means I've got a month free. She did that last year too :)

enjoy ur core jinji!

Thanks for the fave, I truly appreciate it!

Thanks for the fav :pokeball: :+fav:

SMG3 has a bomb cafe, also SMG4's old bloopers are my faves! just search up SMG4 on Youtube or search an OG ep / series name (Ssenmodnar, reccomended or Super Pokeymans 64)