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My Adoptables ToS/Policies *UPDATED*

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 5:37 PM

Decided to Redo/Update my Adopt ToS to address important things and so that new watchers are informed of them! Please read if you are interested in adopting from me and/or if you have already adopted any of my designs! Thank you <3


Once you buy an adopt from me, you are agreeing to these terms and if any are broken I have the right to take necessary measures! This may include taking back the adopt(at the worst case, which I'll refund you of course if I end up having to do so) or blacklisting you from future adopts, etc. So please read them carefully before committing to buying one!;w; I don't want to run into any issues so I'd appreciate if you'd abide by them <3

  • ✓ DO's (Things you CAN do when you purchase an adopt from me)
    • Edit the design slightly as long as it still resembles the original design. (Any major species trait changes must be discussed/approved with me)
    • Give them a name, gender/switch gender, personality, story, relationships, etc.
    • Change my closed species design into a non-species character(aka you don't have to follow the lore and give them one of your own as long as it's original and not copying another species)
    • Change a non-species design of mine into someone else's species, but please ask for permission first!
    • Resell for the same price or lower. You may add onto the price only if you spent extra on art and the artist allows reselling of their work. MUST let me know right away if you do.
    • Gift or trade your design. MUST let me know right away if you do.
    • Use the original art to decorate your profile or blog, etc, as long as you credit me somewhere/do not claim as your own art.
    • Upload the original art to,, or some other file storing site.

  • ✗ DON'T's (Things you CANNOT do when you purchase an adopt from me)
    • Change an original species of mine into another artist's closed species (unless I am the creator of both and you wish to change the species, but must get approval first)
    • Resell for a HIGHER price than you originally paid for the design + any art that was bought.
    • Reupload/trace/copy/claim the original adopt art and design as yours. You may own the adopt/character but the original design and art will always be by me, not you. Therefore you may not upload it to your public dA gallery or any other art site that is meant for sharing your own work. I am not comfortable with this for personal reasons, even if credit is given. Please use or collections if needed to share your files/references.
    • You may use the art as a reference or for personal uses but you cannot make a profit off of them or claim to have designed/drew the character on your own.
    • Make your own character/species using my closed species ideas/lore without permission (unless you have an MYO Slot or special permission from me directly).
    • DO NOT abuse my designs/species in order to rip off someone else's species, so that means you cannot edit the traits or manipulate them to fit a different aesthetic/lore that was not intended for my species just because you want something else that you cannot obtain. YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED IF CAUGHT DOING THIS!!!

  • MYO RULES (Regards all of my closed species)
    • DO NOT copy or rip off someone else's character design to a high extent. Inspiration is ok but if it resembles another character too much I will not tolerate it. (aka same palette, markings, color placement, aesthetic, etc as a whole)
    • MYO Slots of any kind can be gifted or resold for the price you paid. PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY IF YOU RESELL/GIFT AND TO WHO!
    • MYO Slots CANNOT be traded. Only the official, finished design may be traded once approved.
    • Designs MUST be approved by me before you are allowed to use it!
    • Any future edits must be passed by me so I can keep track of them/make sure they're ok.

  • How to Pay:
    • With either method, PLEASE only bid/offer to buy if you have the money. I can do holds, but for no longer than 24 hours with very few exceptions. Ask me if you need more time and for what reason and I may consider. If no contact/payment is received in a reasonable amount of time, the adopt will be put back up for sale.
    • Paypal
      • If using paypal, send the payment to my paypal using the GOODS AND SERVICES option
      • Please DO NOT pay the fees!!! I will pay the fees and they are already included in the price.
      • Ask me for an invoice if you feel uncomfortable sending the payment on your own
    • Points 
      • Let me know if you are paying with points so I can set up a commission widget for you to send the points through! DO NOT SEND THEM AS NORMAL POINTS UNLESS I ASK YOU TO.

    • Please credit me at least once when drawing/uploading art of the character for the first time!
    • If you have a, you can credit me as the creator by typing in my username ( Jinhii )
    • Buying the adopt from me does NOT give you the right to upload it to your own gallery!!! You may upload any art you make on your own to your gallery, but NOT the original art of the adopt that I drew. It goes against dA's policies too so I will take action if you choose to break this rule and refuse to take it down after warnings.
    • Buying the adopt means you own the design/character so you can do whatever you wish with it as long as it does not break any of my rules.
    • If reselling/trading/gifting anything, PLEASE let me know who the new owner is! I wish to keep track of who owns what so there is no confusion/drama/scamming going on C:
    • IF you obtain one of my adopts through a trade or are gifted them, you may NOT resell it since you paid no monetary value for it but you MAY trade or gift it again.
    • Breaking any of the rules and refusing to comply to them and cooperate after multiple warnings will result in me reporting you and/or blacklisting you from my future adopts, and possibly blocking depending on the circumstances.
    • I have the right to take back any adopts by force if my rules are not followed and there is no cooperation from the buyer after multiple warnings. If I must resort to this, I WILL refund you whether you like it or not, and the adopt will no longer be in your ownership and I may either keep or resell the adopt to someone else.
    • I hope that people will read these rules/terms carefully and follow them in order to prevent any drama/trouble!!!

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