Final time! I've moved!

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Deviation Actions

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Sorry, I know this account is like 9 years old but with those 9 years comes a lot of emotional baggage and stuff. It's pretty petty but I don't feel comfortable posting on this account anymore (which is why it's been so hard for me to really come back)

so I found my old alt account, and started posting there. Of course it'll only be important things like prints for conventions and possibly webcomic stuff, but it'll definitely be more active than here. ;;;;

Its a bit upsetting but it's what I feel is best if I want to continue to use this site.

My new account is here

Thanks for the 9 years!
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Thanks Jingle-sama for the heads up. Does this mean you won't do anymore fan art anymore? :(
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I'll still be drawing fanart, but it wont be sketches and scribbles so much as prints... so basically only higher quality fanart. For the sketches and stuff I'm just gonna be posting those on my tumblr ;<
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Oooh ok. Thanks for the response Jingle-sama :3
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Oh well, can't be mad about moving on.
Thanks for the heads up ^_^!