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For my contest...kinda just took a journal with no comments and edited it xD
I'll edit it as I get in official references.

will be organized by story B< If the story has the comic out, I'll link to it in case you want further reference xD
and there will be a thumbnail followed by other references in the form of [link]'s
Cursed Innocence</u>
Comic Here
Setting- Early 1990's setting, before cellphones, handheld technology and the such. Takes place in a old, small, and cold town.
plot summary- Xander is the adoptive father of a pair of twins, Arwen and Edrick, who both have demonic blood, but he is also one of the most famous in the exorcists unit for being the first and only human to be able to use demonic magic. His life is rather hectic, but he just tries to gives his kids a good childhood....something he wasn't able to have.
(NOTE: Demons aren't necessarily evil... they're just more prone to murderous intent and bouts of insanity, causing trouble. They also can learn a certain magic that humans don't have much of a chance of beating; thus the exorcist unit exists... only to attack hostile demons ofcourse. Being demonic is more of a mental sickness or birth defect.)

CI: math by jinglestan………
Xander Asti
Upon seeing him, you'd think he were a serious, or even a highly intelligent guy. It doesn't take long to realize that he's actually short tempered, highly sarcastic and sometimes bordering childish. He complains alot when it comes to work, which works every time in pissing off his unit. Deep down, though, he is very fatherly and loyal. He will get serious if he has to, but that isn't that often. He dislikes talking about his childhood because of the negative atmosphere it tends to create. His casual clothing choice is a button up shirt, his long black overcoat and normal casual pants.
I'll update this ref soon lawl…
Arwen and Edrick
Monozygotic twins, I believe it's called. As for personality, Arwen is very protective over her brother, and is vague to show intrest in anything. She's pretty rebelious and enjoys teasing Xander. They're relationship is rather questionable at first glance with how much they pick and insult each other, but they really do care for each other.
Edrick, on the other hand, is pretty quiet and is very quick to show interest in something. He looks up to Xander as a father and big brother. He ALWAYS has that collar on. It helps him control his demonic outbreaks.
Other characters
Xander's best friend, boss and the twins godfather, Arian.
Xander's klutsy and oblivious trainee, Malony
Xander's obnoxious and questionably intimate trainee, Adrieland… This is also saiyukiluver's character for this story, so I don't take credit for him xD

Comic here
Setting- Futuristic. Cities are blooming and full of buildings, while towns are dusty, old, broken down and well...happier that way. The world itself has alot more ocean to it, and population is severely dropped...not to a point its necessarily a bad thing though.
Plot summary- Certain children are chosen at birth, with or without parental consent, to be Codes-- Soldiers modified with drugs and mechanics. Angel hates this practice, being victim himself, and uses any method he can to just survive his life...and maybe even free himself and his fellow codes... even if it takes murder and the help of a God...who just so happens to be willing to lend his power in exchange for some help aswell.

GC: Don't think I'm an angel by jinglestan……
ANGEL||CODE; Angel for short
Angel is the main character, but he doesn't talk much. He's more of an observer, and uses expressions to say is on his mind. Being the only ANGEL||CODE in existence because of how gruesome the procedure is, He's rather bitter. You'll never see a truthful smile from this guy. His morals and such are kept in tact by Night. ALSO He is short; about 5'4"
GC- You still don't get it. by jinglestan……
NIGHT||CODE; or Night for short
She's kind of Angel's temper controller. She's usually the one keeping him out of trouble and on task. Even though her life is kindof at a dead end, she's very positive of a person and has accepted her fate as a soldier, so just does her best....that doesn't stop her from dreaming though. She is Leader's choice soldier because of her loyalty and dedication... even if she dislikes every second of it. She secretly has a thing for Angel...but knows because of their circumstances, and his obliviousness to that kind of thing; it just couldn't work.
Leader America ref by jinglestan……
Leader: America; or Leader for short.
Description in the refrence~ : D
Tarot: High Priestess by jinglestan……
Iara is prettymuch a loudmouth. She lacks manners yet suprizingly is pretty intelligent. She is a pirate, and an Icer-- Slang for someone who refuses to use technology developed after the war started. She's captain of her crew on ship and saved Angel from drowning in the ocean.
Other Characters-
SEA||CODE, or Sea for short. A soldier in Angel's unit; He's normally the one to make Angel get his head out of his ass. He takes a more assertive approach to keeping Angel out of trouble. He has a secret relationship with Spy.……
SPY||CODE, or Spy for short. Also a soldier in Angel's unit.She's very open about her opinions. She is also a very kind woman, and motherly to Angel and Night because of their young age. She is half chinese. She has a secret relationship with Sea.……
Carson He is Iara's first mate. He is witty, and always the one apologizing for Iara's obnoxiousness. He's defenately a people person, but he's also what most consider, "the cool guy". He's also a pirate and Icer.(He's also supposed to be black...but I fail at life |: )…… (second to last one)
Sarvajna He is the "God" that assists Angel. He hasn't let out any kind of backstory for himself to Angel yet. He can help in means of posession, where he uses Angel's body; or summon himself, which causes Angel to pass out. He doesn't seem to have a sence of humor, yet is very kind. It is crucial to Angel that his existence stays secret.… Angel being posessed;… first one
Jorn She is a pretty wild character. Always thinking to do things herself with her strong pride. She's normally smiling...if it's teasing someone or just because of her cheap humor. She uses two revolvers and is very aerial in her fighting. Also an Icer, but not affiliated with Iara or Carson.……

collab between me and saiyukiluver cB
Setting- Broken down. It takes place a little into the future, but it's more of a worn down future. almost post apocalyptic feel.

Edin deWilde Ref by jinglestan
Edin deWilde
Personality in pictures description O:

Scientist and his Experiment by jinglestan…
Dee Berlot
This being saiyukiluver's character for the comic, I don't really have any... refrences or personality for him xD I don't wanna type an essay and make it wrong lawl orz
I also don't want to upload any of her drawings of him without permission so youll have to deal with what I have :C
Uhm.. well he has black fingerless gloves with like yellow wristbands, and large flared sleeves that go to about mid forearm with pink trim.
His pants kinda poof just under the knee (youknow like sweatpants? ) and under that is like black tights. He has yellow anklebands (which look like his wristbands) then under that, it's like baggy socks and brown slip-on shoes...
I'm sorry I'm bad at describing. I'll get a ref asap orz

Misc Story Characters

Untitled story #1
Setting Undefined for now...School classroom alot of the time though xD

Tomboy Succubus by jinglestan…
Outgoing and extremely extroverted. She's a pretty big tomboy when it comes to her personality.
-… (second one)
Main character But the only ref I have is whats in the comic and the sketch down there *points* I'll make one here in a bit orz
-He's lazy, unambitious, and wonders why he's friends with Nika quite a bit. He also likes women. but he's too lazy... so he takes the soft approach and waits for them to come to him.

Silver Seventh</u>
Setting Early 1900's...kind of a London feel to it. Takes place in a church quite a bit of the time. PROBABLY takes place in America. I havent officialized that yet.

The Man with Silver Threads by jinglestan
Unnamed man and Zabel
I'll give him a name later orz He probably has one but I forgot it
WELL Zabel starts out as a runaway orphan. She's curious and as any young child would be. She meets the man in a church that she didn;t even know existed, on the far outskirts of town.He's very kind and allowes her to stay there....He also claims hes an angel working on returning to heaven. Zabel grows during the timeline of the story, so feel free to draw her from that age *points* to about 19. The man doesn't age. fashion is up to you as long as it fits the theme.

Reaper Zea</b>
Setting Modern day and age. Takes place in a large city in America.

RZ- Lightshow by jinglestan……
Zea and Kei
Zea is a healthfreak. She only eats healthy, and works out when she can to maintain her appearance. She has a passion for fashion design and dresses sort of oddly for her day and age, but she takes pride in her creations. She's rather moody and mouthy. PMS us a term associated with her quite a bit. Zea has the power to steal and control someones soul... I believe there is a more indepth description in the link under the thumbnail.
Kei is a girl who dresses rather guyish. She's a cool person and very friendly. She lives a few floors down from Zea and they are great friends. Kei is especially thankful that Zea is comfortable hanging with her despite her orientation (tottally not a yuri, folks lawl)

Untitled Story #2</u>
Setting- The north poll :D

Pepper Ref by jinglestan…
Character in description~

Jack Frost ref by jinglestan…
Jack Frost
Character in Description~

FFFF *glad to be done orz

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All your characters are amazingggg. Man, I wish I could make characters again.

I love Pepper ♥ ♥, Edin ♥ ♥, and Angel ♥ ♥ ♥
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what do you mean, wish~ Just pull out paper and let your imagination go wild :la:

Angel and Pepper seem to win on popularity x.D...though Edin is my personal favorite c.B
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actually I sorta want to do pepper now

well not DO pepper, draw... >3>
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LOL well I'm cool with you DRAWING him so...yeah xD
otherwise may be cause for worry
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yeahhhhhh, additionally I need to read less gravitation EX, the first issue just sits there on my desk and its mere presence plunges my mind into the gutter