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Hand Gestures

cover for chapter 2 =w=

You can read it here on smackjeeves: [link]
on Manga Magazine: [link]
or on the otaku: [link]
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I truly adore the way you draw hands.
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thanks xD I love drawing hands
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Wah yeahhh! This looks beautiful!
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This is really beautiful, You have such a way with faces, and the symmetry of them.
You can feel a lot of intense emotions from this piece, yet your intrigued by it because you want to know why and who they are and what are the reasons behind it.

You draw hands really well. ;x; I REALLY want to give him a HUGE hug right now he seems so scared but I would be scared and conflicted to if i'm getting pulled to like a mamillion sides.

You did terrific on the riffles of his clothes.
Keep up the good work I enjoy your story but I must reread it! ^-^!!
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ahhh thanks so much ;A;
not to mention its like the best comment i've gotten in forever so i really appreciated it u.u
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Your welcome!!! ^-^!! I am happy to give you a comment.
I'm happy you appreciate it:heart:
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well this certainly got me to go and read the comic so far. eue lovely work~

if you don't mind me asking, is there an advantage to posting your comic on one of the websites you use? i've just been posting mine on DA, mostly because I haven't gotten around to figuring out how smackjeeves or other such websites work or if it's worth the time of uploading so many pages a;oweijf
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ahhhh thanks! ;w;

Well, smackjeeves was just the first webcomic host I found, so I sort of stuck with it. There's no super huge advantage aside the fact you can post pretty much any content, its a fairly well known site and the comic layout is nice. This is probably the best site to use if you want to gain a following outside of DA.

Manga magazine is pretty nice, though the site layout needs a lot of work. It really gimps you if you don't already have a following, as they don't give ANY recognition to new artists (or 'member' status artists as they call it). However if you do get promoted to featured, you can eventually get promoted to premium, which will actually pay you for your webcomic and let you keep the rights. So, this site is nice but it's not gonna gain you much recognition unless you're super good or super friendly, haha.

The otaku has no real advantages, it's just a small site that I've been using since 2004 so I have an attachment to it xD

sorry... sort of long comment but I hope that answers your question uwu
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No, thank you! that was quite helpful!
Manga magazine doesn't sound too friendly to new comers ;aoiewjfoijf but i'll have to check the other two out.

actually, now that i think about it, i think i did attempt to make a smackjeeves once but couldn't upload any pages because i unfortunately made the mistake looong ago of drawing my pages at a weird size (i started my first comics like back in 10th grade so i didn't realize there was a "standard" size a;woeijf). u_u
do you know if the other two sites will let me upload pages that aren't a normal size?

thank you for answering my questions btw!! ;u;
jinglestan's avatar
yeah manga mag is tough on the new artists, but the site is fairllyy new so I'm hoping they change that eventually u.u;;

And unless your images are too big I don't think smackjeeves has any 'standard size' anymore o.o
According to the comic submit page, it just has a size limit of 10,000 px wide and tall, and 500 kb (if you wanted you could just save the pre-re-sized ones out of your DA gallery and submit those? 0: )

I can't find anything on manga mag having a size restriction or layout restriction, and the otaku has one of a max size of 2500px. TheOtaku will work for vertically long comics, but it re-sizes horizontally long ones, so I don't reccommend it for strips u_u

No problem! I love helpin others out uwu!
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aah, i see! thanks again for all the info! : D
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