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Folding Physics

By jinglestan
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This was a bitch to make...but I decided to put how my mind works when it comes to creating folds in pictures.
because most tutorials i see about folds barely explain them.
they just show examples of whats going on and send you off your way.

orz I drew alot of females for it cuz theyre better for this kind of thing....i can't draw boobs orz
If you wanna see a gallery with really good folding skills, see =JayAxer. His are very realistic :|

[EDIT] youre kidding me D: I-I can't believe it. ohmygod +_+
I'm honored, thankyou :iconawesomenessplz:
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thanks for sharing
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So helpful!!! Thanks for posting this Lily Thank you 
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Excellent references!:D (Big Grin) 
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Gawds I needed this so badly. Thanks so much! :)
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Yess! you are my hero!
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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I loved this tutorial, and included it in a tutorial spotlight over on my site. [link] Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and helping us all hone our craft!
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Very nice! Thank you for putting this together!
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This is tutorial is very helpful. I like how emphasize about how the tugging points and about the resting points too. Really helps picturing folds better and exactly how their effected. Thanks for making this, it does explain a lot about folds and how their affected :glomp:
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Holy crap. I cannot thank you enough. This is exactly what I need!
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thanks you soooo much
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ahhh this helps A LOT! thanks!:D
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You've been featured :heart: [link]
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....................... love.... it..! i am horrible at folding and this helped a bunch! im glad i found this so now i can start practicing better looking clothing!
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I am so grateful that you made this!
I could barely ever get how to make the folds but now I know!
This is VERY helpful and it'll be my folding guide when i need to make folds.
Thank you!!! :D
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:3 Great tutorial~
;w; Folds have always been a problem for me (actually, details in general)
^w^ I'm going to be using this in the future~<3
It's really helpful~
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This is very helpful thanks! X3
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thnx i needed this fave'd
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