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DFO- Ranger in a bar

i spent quite a while on this...its about half a week old now lawl.

but yeah...practicing things, trying my best, etcetc

Rangers belong to dfo...not me D.:

why is it that every time i CG my style leans more towards realism?
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I can only imagine what he's thinking. 'Drop the bottle of Whiskey or this lucky bullet of mine will meet your a$$.' Team Skull Grunt Female Icon 

*Vividly stares at picture while forming a story with the shade pony's vivid imagination as he nibbled on a waffle as he laid on his magic, ground hovering, cloud.* -_- - glitchtale emoticon  

Out of all, its a nice picture. I commend you on this Ranger's rather intimidating glare. Eevee Emoji - Happy 
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Holy crap, you almost made me want to play my squishy Desperado again! XD
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capensis looking like a badass
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Ranger is my bias! XD l love this work!!
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Great work! I like the color usage and the softness of the light. Looks pretty clean as well.
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What's your DFO name? Or at least your main characters?
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my highest is my berserker, Zips. as for mains i kind of just switch around to whomever i feel like playing at the time
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This is really cool ^^
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Wowza. This is epic. You have no idea how much I love this picture. :)

Something about this is extremely real - but not so much that it deviates from the actual gunner himself. It's a very interesting perception of him.
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THANKYOU Very Much! I appreciate it.
xglide's avatar's my say on this, I've seen quite a few signature arts but THIS is like EPIC. seriously....GRERAT JOB. I wish you can do an Dark Knight in it's awakening, now THAT'D be Epic. (of course i'm bias because i have a level 52 DK =P)
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...I just discovered today...All the way to level 36 I was using a KATANA for my Berserker...and I just found out why I was losing all my goddamn Mana in every damn dungeon the whole time...I was using the WRONG Sword...I almost screamed, Henceforth I'm now using a Zanbato...And I use so little mana it's enraging. I am so pissed. >_< I fail hard on this one. DDDD: :_;
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o-o both are berserker weapons, just katanas are better for pvp as zanbato is better for dungeons lol.
Most classes have 2 weapons you can for pve and one for pvp... just for pvp you want the faster and pve you want the more powerful.
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...My Lolicon Summoner could pwn this pansy. :D
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summoners cant pwn crap.... their summons do all the work D:
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that is a badass looking ranger :D
nice work :D
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I'll be in the bushes for a bit >:3
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hot dayum
sexy beast :p lol

love how you shaded the clothes and the class : D
I'm looking at this and thinking: wow @.@ it looks like it was hard to draw/color/CG/whatever
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LOL thanks. it wasn't too hard xD just tedious
akri7's avatar
tedious, hard, same difference :B

xD np
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Wow, that is really great. I love the amazing details (especially that table and glass and the Ranger's anatomy). Also, that gun looks like it was hard to draw.
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guns are always hard to draw Dx blahhhhh
and thanks xD
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