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awesome ! everything is here ! incroyable tout est la ! il est simple moderne et bien visible ! enplus la palette de couleur est parfaite pour les fond d'écran tres sombre , il reste bien distinguer je n' utilise pas tout mais lorsque je cherche une option je sais quelle est la

(sorry for traduction) im french xD…

! incredible everything is there! it is simple modern and well visible! in addition the color palette is perfect for dark wallpaper, it remains well distinguish I do not use everything but when I look for an option I know what is the one

thank you/ merci !
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Merci beaucoup… Mon intention était de créer une suite si vous voulez qui soit aussi complète que possible .. Restez à l’écoute Je vais ajouter quelques gadgets supplémentaires...

Thank you very much... My intention was to create a suite if you will that was as complete as possible.. Stay tuned I will be adding a couple of more gadgets

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Sorry I have been out of the loop... Thanks great info
Thanks author for the great work!

The Gadget Additions package is great (as jingegno has added to their favorites).
And Detailed Tech is a very nice compliment.

Many people use Windows 7 and attempting to install this package yields the error "Your version of Windows is not supported".
This is quite unfortunate but there is a solution.

Here is the package with the ONLY change being MinimumWindows set to Win7 (extract the package yourself and verify all contents). It's safe.!3jIijAIQ!DLB2YqECddt…

Or do it yourself:
Using 7zip, etc., simply right-click skins package and extract.
In the folder, edit the rmskin.ini file using Notepad and change MinimumWindows to 7 or other and save. It was originally set to Win10.
At Rainmeter: right-click tasbar icon and select Manage - Create .rmskin package. Enter a name, author and version. Add Skin and navigate to extracted folder and create the package.

It works fine on Win7. After intall, right-click Rainmeter taskbar icon - Skins - Detailed Tech - Skins - Detailed Tech - choose an item (i.e. CPU) and click the ini then item appears on Desktop.
(the repeat is not an error - too many sub-menus)

Hope this helps!
Great work - good to see something new along these lines with Rainmeter!
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I have Been real busy haven't uploaded in a LONG, LONG Time but I'm back... tons of new work
Tons of credits due to more talented individuals than I in the creation of this skin...
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Detailed Tech...

It is a work in progress...

Needs some work it inhales memory at an alarming rate... which I am working on..

In terms of external programs:

The following are required:



MSI Afterburner:


In regards to the weather:

The Network Map I'm working on kind of buggy i.e. 
NetMap.ini, [meterCityData]

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Very nice work :clap:
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You're very welcome ;-).
I'm guessing this requires some external program to get things like CPU information, CPU temperature and CPU speed, but there's no mention that I can find of what that external program is. This would be important information to include in the description.

Also, bug (of sorts) in NetMap.ini, [meterCityData], line 336: Text="%1, FL"
As much as I like Florida, I don't actually live there, and neither does my VPN exit node. ;)
Doesn't work for Windows 7.
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I have not tested it..
I assumed so as long as you have the most recent version/build of Rainmeter

Well sorry about that
UPDATE: see my other comment for 31 March 2019 with a working edited package to download or the instructions how to edit yourself!
Thanks again author for the great work! 
Jingegno, for reference, all you need to do is edit the .ini line MinimunWindows to 7 instead of 10. It will then work for Win7 & Win10. Use Raimeter Packager to repackage (there is the option there too for the minimum Windows version.

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Just Uploaded Detailed Tech
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