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Man i miss this group, i was Dante on my old deviant. I know its not really active anymore but i hope you dont mind me and a friend doing stuff in here. 

We were just looking to do a little avatar rp and theres so much content here that we could sink plenty of hours into it. The setting is still awesome too.
is this plac still running? i was looking forward too applying. <:3
I miss this place :<
i do too.  It's just too much work to keep up these days, y'know?
but still, great memories 
Well, it did inspire me and Chiyo (Taisei) to make our own! It uh...it hit a really big snag and has therefore taken a lot of time but we're trying to do it again! so there's that! PS I got a whole new respect for how hard it is to write missions (for us it's quests and sidequests) XD
yeah the creation of Jingdou was a labor of love.  the mission creation and worldbuilding were always my strongpoints, and it was the art that snagged me, but i had people around me who supported and loved the idea who were willing to create the visiual representations of the amazing shit that i came up with hahahaha
if im accepted do i just make a character and put it in a gang? cause i want to make an earth bender