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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Jingdou's Darkest Day: Intro by hyperionwitch Darkest Day: Gang Leaders by Chokutsuki

• • • •

Holy hell look at all the cobwebs on this place! Well it's certainly not spring time yet but Jingdou is in need for some serious spring cleaning. Lets start off by knocking the event results off the clubs front page and giving the wrap up that a small few were waiting to have.

-Councilman Guru Hamash, [… ] who revealed himself to the gang leaders as the one and only Avatar, held the seven crime lords long enough and succeeded in keeping them off of the streets. He even succeeded in retreating from the JEG building with several of the remaining survivors who attacked the gang members. Ultimately, the "good guys" failed in their grand scheme of weeding the Capital City of its gang troubles and quite possibly ended up worse off by stirring the nest.

-The Jingdou Elite Guard had been left in the capable hands of Commander Uei ChiRyuu till his untimely and sudden death after the event leaving Commander Okan to take over. Of course he wouldn't be left unsupervised by his fellow Commanders Barung and Ru Shi Su who find his rise to power utterly suspicious and foreboding.

-The seven gang leaders were left bitter by the attempt and while some have retaliated by random acts of violence, others have gone quiet in scheming.

And I bet some of you have noticed the new Tempest Teeth symbol we've got going on. Our ex-mod Enigma has moved onto greater things and has asked us to take down the old symbol so we ask that everyone, especially those in TT, to respect her wishes and use the new hotness in their future doodles. But I have some other things on my to-do list so hopefully you folks will be seeing Character Sheet Templates- unique in color for each of our gangs and new! Character Inventory Sheets specifically for displaying pets and mounts. And speaking of mounts, we also want to try a new rewards system and gauge the reaction of a year time skip to give folks an excuse to design a new look for their babies.

So what do you guys say? How would another one year time skip sound? Leave us a comment on this journal with your thoughts on that.

Before I go, I want to let everyone know about a planned activity check. Notes will be sent out some time soon with details!

Whoa! I'm so excited to see all these feedback we're getting but we're also getting some concerns I wanted to address so here goes:

If we do have that one year time skip and you don't really want to change your characters look because gosh darnit you loved that outfit you gave them on their most recent sheet- then don't! The timeskip is miniscule enough that a character could practically look the same if their owner wanted them to and we'd be okay with that.

Any newer members who joined long after our Darkest Day event was done and over with can completely ignore the timeskip. They weren't around when poop hit the fan and that one year is really for older members who want to get back into the full swing of things or just excuse their absence by saying their character got one hell of a beating on the Darkest Day. So carry on!

I do ask that no one get too excited and start throwing brand new character sheets at us just yet, even though that would be very awesome and show that you're ready for business, you wonderful person, you- because it'd suck to have you put a lot of effort into a sheet and then we pop out with those character sheet templates I mentioned earlier on in the journal. And since I plan to make them fancy and bedazzled, those will take me just a couple of days so please bare with us. Oh and it would be completely fine to just copy paste that doodle you already did of their full body onto the new sheet. We're okay with that too.

One last thing, if you guys are interested in scrapping that character you're stuck on and really don't have the interest to draw that sucker doing cool stuff anymore- we completely understand. In fact, you could say they unfortunately got mauled during Darkest Day [like a chump] and start completely fresh with a brand new baby in the same or another gang BUT if you scrap your character they will be DEAD to Jingdou's story. You can't bring them back. At all. They can't be in another members mission or part of miscellaneous art- ANYTHING. They will only be a long lost thought in our hearts. So please consider it carefully cause we're not having no Dawn of the Dead as our next big thing.

Any other comments/concerns/suggestions, comment here! We're all ears eyes. You get my point.

Jingdou's Darkest Day [WINNERS]

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 12:11 PM
First Time Here? | How do I apply//What should be on my CS? | How do I Mission & Level up? | How do I Timeskip my old OC? | Rules//Mod's Corner//FAQ

Jingdou's Darkest Day: Intro by hyperionwitch Darkest Day: Gang Leaders by Chokutsuki

• • • •

Hey everybody!  Thanks for being patient with us while we closed up the event, all the mods have been pretty busy with other obligations, so we really appreciate giving us the time to get the judging all straightened out.

So, without further ado, here are the winners of Jingdou's Darkest Day!  Each of these individuals will be rewarded with a Wanqu amulet:

:iconchokutsuki:'s choice: TwistedViper…
:iconhyperionwitch:'s choice: chikenpeasoup…
:iconmiyanko:'s choice: llawll…
:iconraybucho:'s choice: rikarai…
Popular Vote: SalamanderOpera…

Congratulations, you guys!  And please note that you all did an amazing job with your entries, and we thank you again for participating.  Now, don't forget about your character's free level up if you got your entry in, and please read everyone's entries, they're really wonderful.

• • • •

1- :iconminiyuna: Ahi verses Razon Razon by hyperionwitch -…
2- :iconsalamanderopera: Nana verses  Ryuhei Ryuhei Fai by Miyanko -…
3- :iconskittlesfish: Aina verses Oa Oa the Prodigy by Raybucho -…
4- :iconcelenegood: Shi-Ling verses Tsao Two Star Squad Leader Tsao by Raybucho -…
5- :iconetherealpunk: Yan verses Yoh Yoh by Chokutsuki -…
6- :iconselein: Jai Ho verses Zana The Fire Witch Zana by Raybucho -…
7- :icontwistedviper: Keiko verses Ninten Ninten by hyperionwitch -…
8- :iconinugirl88: Or'la verses Meiko Meiko by Chokutsuki -…
9- :iconn4ut: Xie verses Ru Shi Ru Shi Su by Miyanko -…
10- :iconpaladintime: Roakan verses Tida -…
11- :iconchemical-beatz: Kiona verses Qingzo Captain Qingzo by hyperionwitch - nathanthegreywolf.deviantart.c…
12- :iconchiyokins: Taisei verses Jian Two Star Squad Leader Jian by hyperionwitch -…
13- :iconchikenpeasoup: Iggy verses Hong -…
14- :iconrikarai: Qun verses Kee Sook -…
15- :iconllawll: YanSong verses Hizen Hizen by hyperionwitch -…
16- :iconjezrielxiii: Wuyan verses  Tokkoma General Tokkoma by hyperionwitch - jezzica-shirokori.deviantart.c…
17- :iconpuertorriquna: Lieu verses Etsuko Etsuko by Miyanko -…

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