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Hi guys, me and a friend of mine had the idea for a videogame dating sim for BBW / SSBBW lovers with a mechanics of weight gain for the advancement of the relationships with the various characters. If you are interested in the project or just want to help us or give us some advice, write to me (for the artists) or bigfatanime (for the programmers). thanks for your attention, I hope you are numerous

Cover Chan by jinenji89

We have created an e-mail for the project, if you want to contact us write to
and join our discord if you want more info:
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Is it still in production? I would love to contribute via patreon.

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lools like dead

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Any footage or screencaps?
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So.... is this still a thing? Would be nice
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very slow production but is a thing
Why can’t the discord be accessed anymore?
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Just found out about this from WeightGaming forum (and from old threads, heck, it's really hard to find stuff in that place) and just want to say all the art for this game is beautiful!
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I am hyped beyond hyped.
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the discord link expired 
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now there is a new link
Good luck with the project! I'm looking forward to watching it take shape.
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when its done please post a link to it! THX!
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T H E.  H Y P E.  I S.  R E A L!
Do it! And I will cross my fingers for harem endings XD
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you will not be disappointed ;)
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That would be awesome.
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sounds interesting
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