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Juno by Jindeous Juno by Jindeous
Juno started as a persona in 2014. The first design (on the right) was edgy, boring and not quite how I would make a persona for myself nowadays. However, while I was redesigning him/her I figured out that I should keep them both. Being genderfluid made me question what gender should my persona have, well now it is solved, I can have both stereotypical genders girl and a boy since in the old design Juno was indeed a boy. I know, a boy wearing a skirt seems like a stupid idea, but at the time it was me thinking that it's cool to break the stereotype of boys like that. 
So I really ended up keeping them both and drew Juno in my current style as well in the old design. As much as I cringe at the old design I also love it, because his character really showed how insecure I was at the time. Hence they have different poses and expression. He is also very awkward and well, I am that nowadays too. But the newer design shows how much I have grown and gotten self-confidence. Making my persona a female also tells how much more I know about myself, because back in the day I didn't know what genderfluid was and I thought I must be a boy then since I felt too uncomfortable with my own body and gender. Nowadays I love myself more and I think she portrays that type of self-confidence. 
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April 15
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