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I finally made a Patreon! might post a journal about this later idk, depends. It's a little weak and empty right now, but I'm working on it. I appreciate any support even if it's just happy thoughts.
Noctix Application- Taki Suiryu

(Application for a group)

General Information

Name: Taki Suiryu
Code Name: Comet
Gender: Trans Male
Pronouns: He/Him 
Age: 19 
Height: 5’4”


            C O M E T

             Insanely fast and ready to freeze anything that annoys him, Taki quite literally looks like a comet at times. Blessed with incredible eyesight and hearing, he jets out frost and air at a rapid rate through the ends of his spear-wings to reach high speeds whether he’s running or attacking. The openings on the ends of his spear-wings lead through the hollow shaft of the wing and into his body, connecting to his strong lungs. He can store air in his lungs to use to jet out of his wings, but he can only boost himself for short periods of time. If he stores a great amount of air in his lungs he can jet it out all at once for a strong charge attack, but it takes him a while to recover and be able to do it again. Perhaps in time this ability will get stronger. The spear-wings themselves can be used as weapons on their own, the scales and edges are rather sharp.

            Frost producing glands are present near the base of his wings, and vessels connect these organs all over his body to his wings, claws, and horns. Because the frost runs through these vessels over his body and near his lungs, he is always cold and every breath he takes is visible. He is capable of shooting blasts of frost out of the ends of his wings and coating his claws in ice.

            While he tries, Taki sometimes doesn’t have full conscious control over his abilities. When he’s frustrated he might be colder than average, and he might accidentally freeze objects that are close to the ends of his wings or his claws. The limbs holding his spear-wings, as well as his long scaled tail, are incredibly flexible and can reach many different areas; sometimes he forgets this and accidentally hits or knocks things down.

            Taki isn’t sure what his first transformation was, all he remembers is the burst of energy that happened when he awakened. However early on before the awakening his lungs seemed to be stronger than average, and dark markings appeared on his back where his wings would eventually be. Although he didn’t notice either of these things, he assumed his stronger ability to keep his breath was merely a result from training. He had noticed that his eyesight and hearing seemed to have approved, but he didn’t dwell on it.


            Claws/Attachment claws -  DICE: 1d4 | Type: Close-Range Melee

            Spear-wings - DICE: 1d8 | Type: Reach



Sleet – Using the ends of his wings and tail, Taki spreads frost on the ground. Can cause others to slip when they step on the 1-2 meter patch of ice. Enemies within the range have a disadvantage for the next roll.


Frost Blast – Taki aims the ends of his wings towards his target and shoots them with a blast that contains cost mist, ice particles, and small sharp particles from his metallic scales. The range of this attack is about half a meter from the end of the wing, with the range of the wing attack being around 5 meters.

            DICE: 1d10 | COOLDOWN: Two Rounds

Ice Claw – The ice veins leading up to the ends of the claws on his left hand power up and his claws become coated in frost and ice. Along with the damage caused from the claws, the ice can cause numbness and frostnip. Goes for two rounds.

            DICE: 1d4 | COOLDOWN: Five Rounds

Charge – Taki releases all the stored air in his lungs and charges forward with his claws and smaller spear-wings up, tearing into whatever he comes into contact with. He cannot do any other ice related attacks until the cooldown is finished.

            DICE: 1d20 | COOLDOWN: Six Rounds


    Incredibly fast and agile

    Strong endurance

    Strong lung capacity (For prolonged frost ability)

    Resistance to cold


    Due to his speed, if he isn’t careful he can easily crash/injure himself

    While his scales are sharp they can be broken easily through harsh attacks, the tissue under the scales is weaker than regular skin

    Exceptionally vulnerable to fire

    Vulnerable to bright flashes or anything that could harm his eyes

    Vulnerable to harsh sounds that could damage his ears

Archetype: Versitile
Level: 0
    STR: 8 (-1)
    DEF: 6 (-2)
    AGI: 12 (+1)
    MAG: 8 (-1)
    INT: 8 (-1)
    CHA: 8 (-1)
Body Level: 26 | Mind Level: 24


            Taki is a kind person at heart, but he hides behind a façade of acting like he doesn’t care. He isn’t used to having non-family friends and when people try to get close to him his first instinct is to run. He does dearly want close friends, but his suspicions and thoughts that no one will accept or respect his decisions outweigh many positive words that others might say. However, when he is comfortable, he jokes around and actually seems confident and happy. He doesn’t quite know how to show affection or appreciation in ‘normal’ ways, so his shows of affection might be more along the lines of “I saw you didn’t have enough change for a drink at the drink machine so here’s one I don’t want it whatever.” Although when he is comfortable he appears confident, Taki is riddled with insecurities and faults that he tries to hide. He won’t tell you what they are of course, not unless he trusts you.


            Video games


            Respectful people

            Anything shiny or metallic

            Any form of media with dragons or monsters(Including cryptids, mythological creatures, and youkai)

            Music (Especially rock)


            Transphobic, homophobic, and racist people

            Rude people

            Excessive amounts of fire, heat, or light

            Weebs or any other people who put Japan/Japanese culture in the “Lol they’re so weird and quirky!!” box

            Wet socks


           Taki was born and raised in Tokyo, he spent most of his life living with his mother, father, and little sister. They got along well enough, but he was still a troubled child. He never seemed to trust or get along with anyone at school, and got bullied for being awkward and antisocial. The bullies just got worse when he came out as trans, but his mother and sister were very supportive of him. His father, on the other hand, was quiet about it towards him, and he could tell he was disapointed in him. All of this weighing on him, Taki often just ran. He stopped fighting other kids and just ran from them, he ran from people who looked at him weird, and from his father when he felt those disaproving eyes burning into him. Taki ran as if he could somehow leave all his problems behind. 
            Then his father left. Taki didn't really care that much, about his father anyway, he could tell his mother and sister were hurting. He tried his best to keep them happy. Until his mother met someone new, and she was happy again. His little sister was extremely skeptical of the new guy at first, but Taki could tell he was a good person. This man, for one, was pretty supportive of Taki being trans. He didn't really know what to do to show his support, but he tried his best, and Taki appreciated it. The issue now was that this man didn't live nearby, he didn't even live in the country. He was just visiting from America, but he was already infatuated with Taki's mother. They spent a little while in a long distance relationship until they eventually got married, and Taki's family moved to America. 

            Taki still had one more year of high school to get through, and while he tried to get along with all the new strangers he encountered his relationship with them turned out to be pretty similar to his previous classmates. The fact that his English wasn't amazing yet didn't help either. He quickly resorted back to running. He kept up this cycle of avoiding and running for two more years. He grew faster and stronger, not realizing he was experiencing strange alterations to his body from a power within that he didn't yet understand. 

            Until he stopped running from the harsh realities he had to deal with. One day he saw something that he both wish he hadn't and was glad he did. He started running towards the terror he saw, and in a surge of energy he was suddenly different. He doesn't remember the next few hours well, they're blurred out in his mind veiled by anger, confusion, and fear.

            What he does remember is waking up in a strange building, the organization. Taki was angry at first, or at least he appeared to be. He was mostly afraid. When he noticed the claws on his left hand and the spears behind him he as afraid he might have hurt someone, maybe even someone he cared about, or someone who had done nothing wrong. He learned he had awakened new powers in himself, but he didn't have full control over them yet. Not trusting these strangers, he tried to escape several times before giving up. After a few weeks of trying, he finally managed to gain stable control over his new abilities and was told he was allowed to leave if he wanted to. However he was also told he could join the organization, along with other people like him who had found their powers. After some hesitation, he agreed to join. Taki continues to try to fully master his abilities, as well as try to not run or distrust the people he was now supposed to work with. 


Confidant Chart: Confidant Chart


    He enjoys trying to make things out of the shed scales from his wings and claws

    He usually wears shoes with higher heels to appear taller.

    He cannot change the claws on his left hand to a regular hand without reverting back to human form, so some activities can be difficult.

    He occasionally dyes his hair, usually into either black or blonde depending on his mood. If he doesn't feel like it and is in human form he claims his ice blue hair is dye, but in reality it is just a side effect from his awakening.

    The dark markings on his face and back present in his magic form are present in his normal form, but they are less harsh. The markings are more numerous on his left eye.

    It is extremely rare that he’d catch a cold or get any illness affecting his lungs or airways, but if he does he wouldn’t be able to use his air or frost related abilities until he is better.

    He has an intense dislike of wearing wet clothes, especially socks, and will either pull the clothes off or freeze it if it happens.

    Full Japanese and fluent in the language, semi-fluent in English, constantly forgets words.

    He doesn’t really know what his orientation is, he hasn’t put much thought into it.

    His base character design is inspired from Monster Hunter XX’s ‘Barufaruku/Valphalk’

    Will add additional concept art later

RP Information


Ren/ He/him/ Japan Standard Time(UTC +9:00)

Platforms: Discord

Looking for: Friendship, relationship, casual rp

Not looking for: Enemies

Fought maybe half a dozen of these beauties in Monster Hunter World, can't get over how gorgeous they are. I love his new hairstyle.
SO. Haven't been on in a while. Obviously. Sorry. Missed you guys. Hmm. 

See, thing is, prepare for a bunch of excuses, but, being a senior there's like, a looot of things stressing the hell out of me. Mainly college things. And I did not have the spoons to draw/write things and freak out about college and future plans at the same time. Graduation is rapidly arriving and it is pretty damn scary. I thought I could deal with both but apparently I am weaker than I thought I was, hehe. 

BUT! Much of that stress is gone now, namely college acceptance and some senior plan things. So! I will probably actually start doing things again. 

Again! Very sorry about like, not being active, at all. Mechya gomen ne. But I should be better now summer is soon and that makes me a happy Feerie. 

Actually I have been drawing a lot but mostly random sketchbook sketches.

AND! Mechya gomen again for hardly talking to anyone, really have only been talking to a few people because talking to more than one person at a time is a bit stressful on me when, things are, stressful. Do not ask me why it is just how odd ol Ging works. IF I HAVE NOT BEEN TALKING TO YOU; It does NOT mean I hate you or anything! I have just been busy freaking out. Had quite an incredible meltdown yesterday, still feel sick from it. But that is over now I am k c: 

Working on some things, actually, although over half of them are long-term things that will take, a long time. I don't know how soon that will be available to you guys.


Plus! A little bit of advertising here for one of my most very favourite humans. So GummyDragon and I have been doing an au rp with Jeff and Kagekao where they are in college. Take note, this is an au, so there are lots of changes, obviously. Kage's maybe like, 19 or 20, so is Jeff, I think. Kage's a human because it would be hard for a weirdo like him to get into college and Jeff is normal Jeff for the same reason. And it is an au so anything can happen. Heeheheheh. I am currently working on the design for Kage's human self and I do have pictures that I will post. Don't you think this is an opportunity to see his uncovered face though, that's still a secret. Hehehehe. Although by now it's pretty damn easy to figure out what his face looks like. Whatever. 

Anyway the point of this little tangent, Chi has been a very cool person and has adapted some of the rp into a story format and the reason why I bring all of this up is I figured some of you would want to read it. Although in my opinion this first section is no where near as exciting as the second section. This is a, very, fun, rp. Heads up. We enjoy it very much thought you guys might like it too.

Here you go  NakamaFinals. The word was enough to make him shiver. Or was it the fact that he felt like he was going to pass out? What was it, like, one am? Jeff checked his phone. Three am. Damn it. He resisted the urge to throw the phone across the room and set it down with a light tap beside his open history textbook. Tomorrow was his first final and like an idiot he hadn’t managed to study enough for his liking so here he was in the below ground floor of the library studying at three in the goddamn morning hoping he might be able to pull a miracle out of the textbook and save it for the test the next day. Today. Whatever.
Oddly enough he wasn’t alone here. There was one other kid in the room, also with a book in front of him, but he didn’t look as frantic as Jeff did, more bored. He had short but fluffy black hair that lightly trailed back from his forehead to the back of his head in a puffy peak that looked like it’d be fun to squish. Even from here Jeff could tell he was for

Also because Kage is younger his English is not as good at it is now. So, he speaks a lot of Japanese, partially because only one other person can understand him [Akadoku is his roommate, but he doesn't appear until later] and he enjoys messing with people but also because English eh. And this is written from Jeff's point of view [not, first person but, from his, side?], so there's no translation. But that's okay it's just part of the fun. If you want to know what certain things say then read the description of the story ne, Japanese practice for those who want Japanese practice. 


Anyways, hopefully this will not be another instance where I say I'm going to do things and then get distracted by angry silver rioreusu!! I will try my best I swear to the jar of bubbles on my desk. Love you guys! 

If you're curious as to what mechya gomen means it basically means hella sorry. Mechya is pretty much the Japanese variant of hella. The more you know. [that is what the title says, hella sorry]
  • Listening to: Sekai no Owari
  • Watching: The walking dead
  • Playing: Monster hunter 4 ultimate
  • Drinking: lemonade


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