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Franky: Painting

By Jinbae
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It's Frankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~
And now the whole crew+Boa is done! :iconcheerplz:

Luffy: [link]
Robin: [link]
Nami: [link]
Zoro: [link]
Sanji: [link]
Usopp: [link]
Chopper: [link]
Brook: [link]

Boa Hancock: [link]

~30 min. :)

Franky: Painting©2012 JIN artworks | jinbae.deviantart.com
ONE PIECE© Eiichiro Oda | Shueisha Inc.

Please DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK and give credit where credit is due :).
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© 2012 - 2020 Jinbae
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Where are his 3 chins? D:
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:( Yeah I completely forgot about his chins so he's only a monochin here D:
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Haha well doneee. With a smile that big, I almost thought that you had drawn a classic cartoon teeth-sparkle xD (actually had to double back and realize you hadn't!! hahahaha)
Jinbae's avatar
Haha like Guy's smile from Naruto? :XD:
I should have put that in now that you mention it...................................
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EXACTLY lol. Yess, update it and enable the "notify watchers" edit-thingy haha
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Nnnaaahhhhhhhhh~ Too lazy lol,
And I don't want to spam my watchers with trivial stuff like that lol
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simple.. but the coloring is amazing.. cool
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Thank you!! :D
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Lol Franky without his triple cleft chin...looks like a plain rugby player :XD:
Somehow his left shoulder position doesn't seem right... :O But it might be just me haha~
Anyway, congratulations on finishing all One Piece crews & Boa! :la:
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Haha yeah he just looks like a thug :XD:

Yeah that's because if you look in Eiichiro Oda's drawings,
Franky doesn't have a neck! :XD:
Or he might but his shoulders are directly connected to his head haha..............

Like here: [link]
:P Haha :XD:

Thank you! :D
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:O Franky's official design really is gigantic and looks like a mix of bowling ball + gundam's arm haha! :XD:

No problem! :D
Jinbae's avatar
Haha Thank you! :)
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Finally you completed the set with an amazing work you have done for all of them I suggest if you can do it combine them in a wallpaper size just like this one [link]

and wallah ^_^
Jinbae's avatar
Haha yup! I actually finished all of them within two days but I spread out the uploading to two weeks I think :P

O.o Hmm I never thought about making it like that,
Maybe in the future I'll consider it haha,
Right now I don't have the time to edit all of them :XD:
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Does shades! :iconshadesplz: XD Fantastic work as always my friend! :iconclappingplz::iconclapplz::iconclappingplz:
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Franky's shades and shaved hair are awesome hahaha~

Thank you very much friend! :D
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:iconyeahplz: My pleasure! :la: :hug: :clap:
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Ah, love this and the other paintings of them! ^^
LOL saw this while listening to Franky! Guarantee! XD
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Hahaha thank you very much!
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