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God Emperor Trump action figure
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"Since the dystopian days of 2017 one man clad in golden armor wields a mighty sword against those who would do our nation harm. He puts America First and stands like a mighty wall between all those who would invade and plunder its riches. Relentlessly attacked by enemies foreign and domestic, Emperor Donald Trump quashes the globalist forces by laying down law and order throughout the land. With the power of the American voice flowing through his veins and the whispers of Conservative values in his ears Emperor Trump battles the Anti-First-Amendment-Mutants that plague the land. The choice was made to Make America Great Again and with his supporters rallying to defeat the Anti-FA, mighty Emperor brought about change and prosperity to the USA, ALL HAIL EMPEROR TRUMP!"

Ok, maybe Donald Trump doesn't go around wearing power armor and smiting enemies with a giant sword but the 'God Emperor Trump' meme was pretty cool, superimposing Trump's head on the Warhammer 40K character. You may have seen it on facebook and image boards, and I decided to create a 6" Marvel Legends scale figure of him. I used a NECA Heroes of the Storm Tyrael body, cast Donald Trump head, DCD Aquaman hands, Digimon armor, and different fodder parts including metal eagles/wing symbols to create him. His standard was made using a Marvel Select Doctor Doom throne banner, Namor trident, and American flag ribbon. A very extensive weathered gold metallic paint job was airbrushed on to complete his glorious look. Love him or hate him if you're an American citizen then Donald Trump is your president as of this writing (02/02/18)!

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Jul 13, 2018, 8:36:04 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
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Comments (35)
Barthos01's avatar
I love it.
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Leustante's avatar
Leustante|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Badgaldinger's avatar
Do not use the Emperor's image in vain, heretic.
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cypher4859's avatar
This screams Matt Ward. Death to the False Emperor!
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HDorsettcase's avatar
HDorsettcase|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Did you cast the head yourself or order it from someone?
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MattX125's avatar
MattX125|Student General Artist
He would look so cool in SMASH ULTIMATE!!
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eel227's avatar
eel227|Hobbyist Digital Artist
pfft if you wanted to make an unholy effigy you could have impaled a fetus to a cross.
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K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
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QuietW8's avatar
Nixon was also our president, but he's not remembered fondly.
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Armel's avatar
Armel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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morningstarskid's avatar
morningstarskid|Hobbyist Photographer
I love this...great fun piece of artwork...
The title is perfect for his personality...
Time will tell with him and his twitter bullshit.
At least he has the balls to speak his mind..
The Dems are beatin down not doing shit..
As you said like or not Hes the President..
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Armel's avatar
Armel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So speaking one's mind is ok if it's full of hatred and bigotry? It's not hypocrisy to rein in the uncivilised beast that lurks in us all.
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CAT-BOAT's avatar
CAT-BOAT|Professional General Artist
Brilliantly made!
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AinzOoalGown147's avatar
AinzOoalGown147|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my God. Lmao X'D
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DARKRAGNAROK2000's avatar
DARKRAGNAROK2000|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He will build a wall around holy Terra, to keep the illegal Xenos away from it XD
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Unkownbrony52's avatar
As a moderate American, he is our president and so far, in my opinion and I intend no offense, he is kind of on par with modern politics and politicians so...meh. Just kind of think he should get off the twitter a bit.
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deviantartkingof97's avatar
deviantartkingof97|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This needs to be a real toy haha
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KikoyumiSKArt's avatar
KikoyumiSKArt|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ehh, eww 😛✌️
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Imdead185's avatar
He will deport all the illegal immigrants
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SKYDRAGON-13's avatar
Ya know I see a lot of negative comments about President Trump some more scathing than others. The way I see it he is our President & I have seen & heard his speeches & he seems to be taking it seriously so I personally think it's disrespectful to say certain things about the leader of our country. I'm American & I will gladly show respect for our Commander in chief, besides he's not Bush. 🇺🇸
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cornerstone8060's avatar
I don't remember Bush being as dumb as Trump, so it all comes down to percpective.
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SKYDRAGON-13's avatar
Also well done figure.
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