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Flood Infected Master Chief
By Jin-Saotome   |   Watch
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Published: March 5, 2008
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Here's Master Chief in quite a state, infected by the Flood! This custom started out from a McFarlane Master Chief 5" figure. Aves Studios Fixit Sculpt was used to sculpt the flood sections and I removed the mask lens, cracked it, and have the sensor tendrils coming out of there. The tendrils from the stomach (is that a mouth or its head?) are wires with the ends frayed and coated so they're bendy. His left hand was some sort of bone wing I modded to make the claw and you can see where it's busting out of the glove there and if you look close there's section of his black undersuit torn at the edges!

Sorry for deleting the first version of him. He broke in half when I was fiddiling with him, heh. Then I thought, yup, I could do more with him in two like this. So I added more stuff! Enjoy!
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Me when I don't wash my face
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It was entirely possible for Chief to be a combat form. In the novelization of Combat Evolved, an infection form (running popcorn) had jabbed one of its claws into his neck but Cortana has fried it with his suit's electrical systems. The only question is, why didn't the lingering cells of the flood infect him into a minor form?
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Welp, there goes humanity's hero.
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werelightshineHobbyist Artist
The reason why this isn't feasible.

The flood infects it's victims by burrowing into them and attacking the nervous system.
Thus, rearranging the structure of their bones and turning their organs into a slimy liquid. If they could not breach the host's skin then they'd simply die. And because spartan ll's are given near un-breakable skin and bones. They are unable to be converted into flood combat forms and will instead just simply die.

This has been halo 101 with
David Attenborough.
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LordOmegaZHobbyist Digital Artist
actually the flood CAN infect spartans

hence the infected spartan IV's even if they are a wargame simulation it's based (in the halo universe) on data they acquired about the flood.

also MASTER CHIEF was nearly infected when a flood parasite latched on to him, cortana saved him by sending a shock of electricity into it. (Novel: The Flood) which is Canon.

also NOTHING living is safe from the flood, the forerunners sure as hell weren't, even the Diadact wasn't after all of his self-mutations he did to himself.

even A.I's like cortana were infected by the "logic plague" which is what turned the forerunners Master A.I against them after the gravemind convinced it to side with the flood.

also spartan II's do NOT have near un-breakable skin and bones, chief damn well hurt his whole arm like hell by PUNCHING away a heat seeking missile in one of the books.
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actually there is a species that are unaffected by the flood.
Lekgolo for some reason are not affected last I checked Sargent Johnson could be affected as well.
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werelightshineHobbyist Artist
Once again forfeiting my break, well. I've recently found that out. But Sgt. Johnson was immune, either from a disease or plasma exposure.
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werelightshineHobbyist Artist
The flood can't infect SPARTAN II'S YOU IDIOT!!! (Read with British voice)

(no hard feelings. I'm sure you're actually very smart) : )
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Oh great. Chief's dead. Don't mind me as I eat my gun.
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DuneSeigeHobbyist General Artist
Right behind ya.
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SkyefireEchoHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Aquos4Hobbyist Writer
Well, Humanity is surely and completely screwd :la:
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DragonSlayer518Hobbyist Writer
Everyone saying a Spartan can;t get infected is wrong. In Halo: The Flood an infection form cuts a hole in his jumpsuit near his neck but is killed when Cortana releases an electric shock from the suit. Also Grunts, Jackals, Buggers, and Hunters can't be infected and made into combat forms because of how weak they are however are made into Flood biomass and Carrier forms.
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Uh ters are made from many individual worms, so infection is near impossible.
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DragonSlayer518Hobbyist Writer
I said they are made into biomass and carrier forms. Carrier forms are a pure form which don't need a host to be made which combat forms need.
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Yeah sorry, was a bit neglectent at the time due to a bad headache.
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Redwolfdude1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The flood don't infect chief, chief infects the flood
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MeisterSpadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
A lot of Halo fanbrats are taking this figure way too seriously. This is good work. It makes me sad more than anything to see it, but it looks great nonetheless.
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This almost happend in one of the books
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chief beat gravemind so this is NOT posable
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LordOmegaZHobbyist Digital Artist
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