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Custom Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon action figure

This custom NECA Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon figure is ready to battle the Kaiju with various modifications to the original figure. All the single direction arm hinges were removed and replaced with full motion universal joints including the wrists so Crimson Typhoon can cross its arms for blocking or strike with them. The removable saw hands came from Transformers mech-tech Ratchet's weapons and the larger one from an Ironhide Bot Shots trailer. Crimson's ankles were given ball joints as well so he could be posed to side-step incoming attacks. The mono eye was drilled out and given a light-up LED eye that shines in a spotlight effect just as it did in the movie. Extra sculpting detail was added on all the arms, body, and torso, then the entire figure was repainted with various armor shades, weathering, battle damage, and tiny lighted dots. Add a plasma blast effect and Crimson Typhoon is ready for his one minute of screen time and woeful defeat!

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Jan 22, 2009, 6:38:12 PM
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how many time do you spend to make one of these
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My gosh if I could get my hands on any of these!!! Are you planning to make a Cherno Alpha custom?
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Should've added a removable Conn-Pod haha. Seriously though, this is great work. Had I the time, patience and money I'd have done something like this, well at least give Typhoon the Thundercloud.
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Better than NECA XD Well done lad!
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It's a shame he got taken out  by otachi so quickly :/
Amazing work Jin!

Would you mind to share where from you get the extra universal and ball joints?

I found nothing in ebay and the revoltech ones are too fragile!

Jin-Saotome's avatar
The ones on Gipsy here came from Transformers limbs. But I like to use the ball joint kits from Big Bad Toy Store for everything
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Great Custom and wonderfull paint-job !
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I wanted to see more of him in the film...
Fantastic, I was waiting for a custom model on the Jaegers. The NECA while high in detail lacked quality. This is awesome dude, love the paint job and the added head LED!
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Bee-yuuu-ti-FULLLL!!  Fabulous work, man!
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This is amazing! I was waiting for people to start customizing!
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It's amazing! I also liked the film
Jin-Saotome's avatar
Thanks! I can't wait for Atlantic Rim. Or Indian Ocean Rim. Or whatever the sequel will be called.
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Amazing! :) One of my favourite Jaegers alongside Eureka Striker.
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Omg want. I don't have $81 D:


Can you remake old models as commissions?


Jin-Saotome's avatar
Unfortunately I don;t have time for commissions right now, sorry!
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Are you going to make more? Because i'd totally buy one if you did!
very cool  Jin, your stuff is always inspiring to all us newbie customizers. 
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