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MCUPunisher 001 by Jin-Saotome MCUPunisher 001 :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 81 5 Custom Guts the Black Swordsman action figure by Jin-Saotome Custom Guts the Black Swordsman action figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 157 5 Custom Starriors Ripsaw action figure by Jin-Saotome Custom Starriors Ripsaw action figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 68 4 God Emperor Trump custom action figure by Jin-Saotome God Emperor Trump custom action figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 151 124 Demodog Dart customized action figure by Jin-Saotome Demodog Dart customized action figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 103 7 Custom TMNT Classics Casey Jones Figure by Jin-Saotome Custom TMNT Classics Casey Jones Figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 65 5 Custom First Appearance Sabertooth Marvel legends by Jin-Saotome Custom First Appearance Sabertooth Marvel legends :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 34 2 Custom Marvel Legends Iceman by Jin-Saotome Custom Marvel Legends Iceman :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 40 2 Custom Marvel legends Sunspot figure by Jin-Saotome Custom Marvel legends Sunspot figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 52 5 Nocturnus, Masters of the Universe Classic custom by Jin-Saotome Nocturnus, Masters of the Universe Classic custom :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 50 9 2016 Jin Saotome custom Marvel Legends figure by Jin-Saotome 2016 Jin Saotome custom Marvel Legends figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 61 8 Custom MOTUC Plaguestor figure by Jin-Saotome Custom MOTUC Plaguestor figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 57 2 Panther Alien Roar by Jin-Saotome Panther Alien Roar :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 149 9 Kenner style Panther Alien by Jin-Saotome Kenner style Panther Alien :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 134 6 BionicCommando2016 007 by Jin-Saotome BionicCommando2016 007 :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 55 4 Custom Boba Fett 6 inch Black Series Figure by Jin-Saotome Custom Boba Fett 6 inch Black Series Figure :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 103 11

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MCUPunisher 001
Criminal scum is back on the menu boys and the Punisher is serving up a hot meal of lead and explosions! You've seen the Netflix Punisher series...well what if he was part of the Movie MCU? That's right, this week I'm brining you, Frank Castle's comic style into the gritty limelight! Frank was created by combining the upper half of the Netflix Punisher with the lower half of Captain America, Wolverine arms, Mezco Deadpool webgear, and other fodder parts. He has a removable headband and comes with an arsenal he can wield against his foes.
Want more punishing pics? Then head to Frank's page here;…
Custom Guts the Black Swordsman action figure
An unstoppable mercenary from a dark era, Guts stands alone atop the bodies of his fallen enemies. If you've ever watched the anime or read the manga he doesn't need any more of an introduction than that, this is the Black Swordsman himself! Here I've created Guts for you in a movie-realistic look that will fit in with your 6-7" scale figures. He was created from a ML Ragnarok 2-pack Thor body, NECA Chris Redfield modded head, star wars arm fodder, Front Mission mech hand, BvS Armored Batman cape/Kylo Ren cowl, and a scratch built sword. That's right, the entire sword aside from the handle was made from cut styrene and plastic sections, you can see WIP shots on my instagram JinSaotome. Tons of muddy, blood spalttered, rusty detail was added and Guts was sealed up with Liquitex archival matte/satin varnish.

Want more pics? head to his page here:…
Custom Starriors Ripsaw action figure

"Each day the Chaos Crystal was active within Skeletor's lair more and more portals opened - these strange dimensional tears opening all over Eternia. From a far off universe, where Earth had been rendered a wasteland and only intelligent machines roamed. One machine, the Protector class, Ripsaw, was drawn to the portal's light and sucked in! Now, finding itself in a dimension of magic and technology, Ripsaw must find a way to contact his fellow Starriors so they too can learn about this strange land."

Another toy line of the 80's, the Starriors arrive! This week we have a re-imagined version of the Protector class Ripsaw, created in MotUC scale. Using the original head and weapon arm of the figure I took a Rotar body, Extendar limbs, MARS robot lower legs, Captain America Mecha feet, and a Zoid-crab shell for the metallized shield. The shield is magnetic and attached to Ripsaw's original spinning blade-shield arm which was grafted on. Spaz-Stix mirror Chrome airbrush paint was used on the larger shield. Different foil warning/caution stickers were applied like the vintage toy featured and Ripsaw was given metallic blue airbrushed highlights.

If you'd like to see the full picture spread head to Ripsaw's page here:…
God Emperor Trump custom action figure

"Since the dystopian days of 2017 one man clad in golden armor wields a mighty sword against those who would do our nation harm. He puts America First and stands like a mighty wall between all those who would invade and plunder its riches. Relentlessly attacked by enemies foreign and domestic, Emperor Donald Trump quashes the globalist forces by laying down law and order throughout the land. The power of the American voice flows through his veins, the whispers of Conservative values on his tongue. The choice was made to Make America Great Again and with his supporters in tow the mighty Emperor brought about change and prosperity to the USA, ALL HAIL EMPEROR TRUMP!"

Ok, maybe Donald Trump doesn't go around wearing power armor and smiting enemies with a giant sword but the 'God Emperor Trump' meme was pretty cool, superimposing Trump's head on the Warhammer 40K character. You may have seen it on facebook and image boards, and I decided to create a 6" Marvel Legends scale figure of him. I used a NECA Heroes of the Storm Tyrael body, cast Donald Trump head, DCD Aquaman hands, Digimon armor, and different fodder parts including metal eagles/wing symbols to create him. His standard was made using a Marvel Select Doctor Doom throne banner, Namor trident, and American flag ribbon. A very extensive weathered gold metallic paint job was airbrushed on to complete his glorious look. Love him or hate him if you're an American citizen then Donald Trump is your president as of this writing (02/02/18)!

You can see a lot more of his pictures here on his own page here:…

Demodog Dart customized action figure
He's the cutest, slimiest, hungriest little Demodog out there, Dart! You know it from Stranger Things Season 2 and here I'm bringing you a fully articulated version scaled to the 6" McFarlane figure line. Dart was created using a NECA Neomorph body with shortened limbs and the Funko 3.5" Demogorgon head and limbs grafted on. I used the back of the Neomorph's head as Dart's tail and gave him the Demodog green/brown/black skin coloration with the exception of Dart's yellow left side markings. Now when McFarlane releases their Dustin figure he can have a Dart to go on adventures with!

For more upsidedown pics head to Dart's page here:…

Dart is also up for auction on ebay at the time of this posting so good luck if you're looking to win him!
Hey, hello there! It's been a while since I've used DeviantArt. Almost two years have passed and I notifications sitting in my inbox. There wasn't one specific reason I stopped using DA to be truthful, just a lot of little things that caused me to be disinterested in the overall experience here. One was the constant "you can't do that without a premium membership" and another was the constant complaining by artists here. Yeah, the artists, not the critiquers. I also decided I didn't want to be known as "That guy with a DeviantArt page" as it was beginning to be a stigmata with that kind of attention foisted upon users. There's a lot, "questionable" art that gets uploaded here and being associated with DA was almost as bad as being associated with Tumblr.

However I'm told that many people find my work exclusively through google searches which links them here, then they ask me why I only update my site and post to forums or Instagram. Well, ok, I'll try DA again for a while and see how that goes. It's update time!
  • Listening to: loud music damages eardrums
  • Reading: in low light isn't good for the eyes
  • Watching: out for ninja is a good idea
  • Playing: with fire will get your burned
  • Eating: away inside you is true talent waiting to surface
  • Drinking: and driving makes you a moron


John Mallamas
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That customizing guy, Jin Saotome! I create custom action figures, collectibles, and more. Sorry but I'm not taking commissions at the moment, I only have time to make a couple of customs each week that I sell through ebay. You can see what's available through my site each week tho.


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