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Once upon a time, a great fireball descended upon the Earth. It landed in the ocean, vaporising itself and turning vast quantities of water into steam. A massive shockwave spread in every direction, spurred on by a fiery wind that set fire to everything in its path.

On the other side of the Earth, the residents of Dinosaurpolis received an SMS tsunami warning on their biodegradable cellphones. One by one they set their pocket diaries to remind them to go into their family weather-shelters after they pick up the kids from school. The tsunami was expected to arrive in five hours. Natural disasters just aren't as exciting as they used to be.

Little did they know that no amount of preparation could save them this time.

Meanwhile, in the amalgamated refuse centre (ARC), a family of mice gathered in their house, made from a discarded lunch box.

The lunch box came from Sophie, a female raptor that grew very fond of G.I. Janeosaurus during her younger years. This lunch box was a collector's edition from the height of the G.I. Janeosaurus craze, only 12 were ever made. It was constructed from a tungsten-titanium alloy, old non-biodegradeable technology that's almost unheard of these days, and very expensive. The creation of such a wasteful merchandise item as a publicity stunt finally backfired on ArmySaur Inc; the G.I. Janeosaurus craze ended as quickly as war became unfashionable. Smart opponents started a movement to make G.I Janeosaurus uncool, just like their anti-war predecessors. Sophie, the spoilt brat that she was, had the butler discard all the offending items as soon as they became socially unacceptable.

The family of mice, however, were very grateful for their sturdy, waterproof home. One shredder and two compactor cycles later, the family was still safe and the box hasn't a scratch to show for it.
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